"New" 16 team dynasty league has openings - CBS - $60

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Hard Liquor Dynasty Baseball League 

League theme - please select your favorite liquor. Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, etc. as

your team name.

League will be run using CBS commissioner 

League size will be 16 teams, 2 divisions of 8 teams. 

League fees will be $60 per season. $50 prize fund, $10 CBS commissioner service 

Head to head points league. Highest scoring team is awarded a win. Ties remain ties in standings. 

Weekly lineups – 1-1B, 1-2B, 1-SS, 1-3B, 1-C, 3-OF 1-U, 5-SP, 3-RP

Players can be used in any position they are eligible for. 

League roster set up will be 40 man MLB roster plus 15 Minor league players 55 player total.

Any player that is brought up and no longer having an “M” designation has to be placed in either an active or

reserve  roster spot. Any player send do to the minors and being given an “M” designation can be placed

in a minor spot. CBS will only allow for “M” designated players to be placed into a minor spot.

An “unlisted player” can be added to your roster provided the player has been in his organization for 1 year or

been available for our most resent draft. Unlisted players must be placed in reserve spots on your roster they

cannot be placed in a minor league spot. 

Disabled list will be 5 spots. These spots do not count toward roster limits. DL players cannot be left in DL

spots once off the DL they must be placed on your 40 man roster or be released. 

Draft – Still to be determined. League will vote on 2 part draft (MLB and MILB portions) or

1 draft any player can be drafted at any time.


Draft order will be set at random once league is filled and all league fees are paid.

Draft will be a slow draft with a 6 hour timer per pick. You will be asked to post your cell number so you can

be text when it’s your pick. 

Draft pick trades will be allowed once draft order is set and posted. 

After each season we will hold a 2 round prospect draft for players that were in the June MLB draft and

any international players that have signed a contract. Draft order will be reverse order of previous year’s standings.

Draft will be same in both rounds, not snake. Draft will be slow draft 6 hour timer.

Rosters will be expanded to allow for DL players to be added to active rosters.

Rosters must be set to legal levels prior to opening day. Date to be determined. 



Free agents will be added via FAAB. Each team will be given a $50 budget at the beginning of each year

to use to acquire free agents. Once you run out of money in your budget you can’t bid on free agents.

Budget money cannot be traded. Minimum bid on any free agent is $1 

Trades will be permitted but must be approved by the commissioner during the season and off season.

Any in season trade involving a future year’s pick, the team trading the pick must pay their league fees in advance.

Any off-season trades that are made, both teams must be paid before trade will be approved. 

Scoring see scoring tab. 

End of year Rule 5 draft. During the off season each team will be asked to submit a list of 40 protected players

from your entire roster to the commissioner (Date to be determined)

We will hold a 1 round rule 5 style draft. Teams will be given a list of all protected players.

We will then hold a 1 round draft according to the reverse order of the previous year’s standings.

Any player not protected is eligible to be selected. No team can lose more than 2 players.

All unselected players go back to their original team’s rosters. 


Playoffs –


6 teams make playoffs, 2 division winners and 4 reaming teams with most wins,

Teams will be seeded as follows, Divisions winners receive 1st round bye. Teams ranked 3 – 6 according to

wins. 1st round 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5. 2nd round 1 vs lowest remaining seed. 2 vs other winner from 1st round.

3rd round will be last two remaining teams.

Payouts – 

Division winners $50 ea x (2) = $100 
4th place - $75 
3rd place - $100 
Runner up - $175 
League Champion - $350 

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On 12/22/2018 at 8:59 AM, metsfan2014 said:

Snt you an invite, still a couple of spots left


I just sent you an email. I would like to be an owner in this league if spots are still available.  

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