Dynasty League Replacement Needed for Playoff Contender - $65 Entry

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Our FGMDA Dynasty NBA League needs one replacement owner as an owner decided to leave the league after not reading all the rules in the constitution before joining.  This is a very strong team that has a .463 winning percentage and could easily be sparked by new, active ownership.


Email dsanders877@gmail.com if interested!


Entry: $65

The league runs on Fantrax and utilizes Fantrax Treasurer.


  1. Payouts

    1. Playoff champion - $300

    2. 2nd place (loser of championship game) - $200

    3. 3rd place (winner of 3rd place game) - $100

    4. 4th place (loser of 3rd place game) - $65

    5. 1,000 wins milestone - $25

  1. League uses Head-to-Head multicategory wins on a 6x6 basis listed below:

    1. Scoring Categories (weighted as 1, 2 or 3 wins per week)
      FG% (1)
      FT% (1)
      3 pointers made (1)
      3PT% (1)
      Assists (1)
      Turnovers (1)
      Assist to turnover ratio (2)
      Blocks (2)
      Steals (2)
      Points (3)
      Points per shot (1)
      Rebounds (2)

    2. Daily lineups with a minimum of 22 games and maximum of 40 games per week


Email dsanders877@gmail.com if interested!



Jackson, Reggie
G,Flx- DET
Stauskas, Nik
G,F,Flx- POR
Westbrook, Russell
G,Flx- OKC
Bridges, Miles
F,Flx(R)- CHA
Griffin, Blake
F,C,Flx- DET
Tucker, P.J.
F,C,Flx- HOU
Gasol, Marc
C,Flx- MEM
Ayton, Deandre
C,Flx(R)- PHO
Grant, Jerian
G,Flx- ORL
Hield, Buddy
G,Flx- SAC
Vonleh, Noah
F,Flx- NY
Moore, E'Twaun
G,F,Flx- NO
Payton, Elfrid
G,Flx- NO
Sexton, Collin
G,Flx(R)- CLE
Green, JaMychal
F,C,Flx- MEM
Lamb, Jeremy
G,F,Flx- CHA
Love, Kevin
F,C,Flx- CLE
Warren, T.J.
F,Flx- PHO
Zeller, Cody
F,C,Flx- CHA
ResReserve spot(s) availablegroupIR
Dragic, Goran
G,Flx- MIA
Cousins, DeMarcus
F,C,Flx- GS
Porter Jr., Michael
F,Flx(R)- DEN
Portis, Bobby
F,C,Flx- CHI
Kulboka, Arnoldas
F,Flx(R)- CHA


Email dsanders877@gmail.com if interested!


More constitution details below:

  1. Year 2 and beyond

    1. Offseason Rookie Auctions

      1. Instead of a rookie draft, we will hold rookie auctions each year.

      2. On Fantrax, each team will own 1 “draft pick” that can be kept or traded during the season.

      3. Once the offseason begins, that “pick” converts into rookie auction dollars that can be used during the rookie auction, traded, or kept for future rookie auctions as any unused funds are rolled over to budgets for previous seasons.  Funds that are rolled over do not expire and can be traded at any point.

      4. Draft lottery (everyone who doesn’t win money is entered in the lottery)

        1. Worst record - 16%

        2. 2nd worst record - 16%

        3. 3rd worst record - 16%

        4. 4th worst record - 14%

        5. 5th worst record - 12%

        6. 6th worst record - 10%

        7. 7th worst record - 8%

        8. 8th worst record - 8%

      5. Conversion auction values for picks (post-lottery)

        1. 1st = $100

        2. 2nd = $95

        3. 3rd = $90

        4. 4th = $85

        5. 5th = $75

        6. 6th = $65

        7. 7th = $55

        8. 8th = $45

        9. 12th (Loser of 3rd place game)  = $25

        10. 13th (Winner of 3rd place game) = $20

        11. 14th (Runner-up) = $15

        12. 15th (Champion) = $5

      6. After “picks” are converted into rookie auction dollars, you can trade any portion of your rookie auction dollars that you’d like.

      7. Rookie auction dollars can be rolled over to future years and will be tracked through our Google document.  These can be traded like draft picks and will need to be clearly outlined in the comments of any trades.

      8. Each team will have to keep track of their own budgets and bid accordingly. These will be clearly marked on the Google document so exceeding one’s rookie budget will result in having to drop the player(s) that caused the violation and future auction penalties.


Email dsanders877@gmail.com if interested!

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Would it be the full entry since we're two months into the season? And whaat rule didn't he understand? wheyen33@gmail.com

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