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Looking for 2 replacement GMs in 2 tiered league

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Raptors 905 and Ft. Wayne Mad Ants are the available teams. 


This league is part of a 2 tiered league, this one being the lower tier. How it works is the top 3 of this league (G-League) earn a promotion into our top league called Ballers each season. The bottom 3 in Ballers get relegated into the G-league. 


The top 3 in the G-LEAGUE take over the 3 Ballers teams and are able to keep 0-3 players (Ballers is a Max. 3 player keeper and G-League is a redraft). If a team keeps less than 3 players, then they will select their remaining keepers before the draft starts in the keeper rounds. The promoted GMs Into Ballers also get the top 3 picks in the draft helping ensure they have a competitive team from the start.


If interested, please leave your e-mail. These available teams can be turned around quickly with a competent GM.

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