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Dynasty Owners

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We have 3 free Dynasty Leagues that we are looking for owners in, if you want to be the General Manager for a team that mimics the ML come join us. Each team has a 25 man roster and their NFL teams prospect farm. Active players have a salary and contract years and each league has a salary CAP.


We start the season releasing all players from the active roster that have an expiring 2018 roster to free agency. Once the rosters are cleaned up we have a 3 round first year player draft (FYPD) where you can draft any ML prospect. Once the FYPD is over any of your teams prospects for that year are yours, the same happens every year for your prospect farm.


We have 3 leagues, 2 leagues have 28 teams and 1 leagues  has a 20 team league. You do not need to register for our forum, take a look at our teams.

28 team league called "The Majors"

Open teams:

Philadelphia Phillies - 7th draft pick
San Diego Padres - 19th draft pick

Chicago White Sox - 23rd draft pick

28 team league called "The Bigs"

Open teams:

Chicago Cubs - 6th pick
Philadelphia Phillies - 12th pick
Arizona Diamondbacks - 13th pick
Baltimore Orioles 18th pick
Cincinnati Reds - 20th pick
Texas Rangers 23rd pick


20 team league called "Suicide Squeeze"

Open teams:

Baltimore Orioles
Chicago White Sox 
Minnesota Twins
Oakland Athletics
Philadelphia Phillies
New York Mets 


If you like a team and want to manage it, register for our site and use our short application to sign up for a team. Our off-season steps are about to get underway and are looking for experienced owners. If you understand fantasy baseball and want to learn contracts in a Dynasty League come join us.

Applications are at:

The Majors -

The Bigs -

Suicide Squeeze -


If you want more information email me at







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