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Hello everyone
I am recruiting for a brand new FREE DYNASTY league. Please email me at ut327j at yahoo if you're interested after reading our constitution. 


Before you read this, please know that I’m really an easy-going guy. I love playing fantasy sports and I really enjoy the time it takes to build a strong dynasty team using current MLB players and the minor league system. It’s really enjoyable seeing how the minors progress through A, AA, and AAA ball; until finally you’re relieved that they’re finally getting their chance at “The Show”. I’m recruiting the best managers possible so that this league can be the best league possible. I’ve tried spelling out each little detail in this document so that all questions can be answered here. However, I am sure I’ve missed some stuff. I make no apologies to how long this becomes! I’ve worked extremely hard on this trying to explain how this league will work to the best of my ability. 

This will be a DYNASTY league. If you want a redraft league; please go to another league. Be considerate of those of us who take this league seriously and honor your word and commitment to me and all of the owners in this league. 

Remember that this is a dynasty league and value on players will vary from a redraft or even a keeper league. This is also a FREE dynasty league. 

With that said, this is the Constitution of The Diamond: East vs West Dynasty league. This league exists in order to add an extra element of fun to the daily drudgery of working a nine-to-five for your lousy company. It will follow a set of rules set up by the commissioner (keeping in mind that they can change at any time by the commissioner for the betterment of the league). Our league philosophy is as followed: The Diamond: East vs West Dynasty League is designed to reward a fantasy owner with the ability to assess baseball talent and knowledge of most, if not all of the MLB major and minor league farm system teams. Whether you build for the present or your desire is to build for the future; the league design should give every team a reasonable chance to contend for the title each and every year. 

Disclaimer – I am sure that details have been left out, but this is a living, breathing document and will be added to or subtracted from on a daily basis up until draft day. After the initial draft the Constitution will remain static until after the regular season. However, I reserve the right to change any rule as I see fit to ensure the competitive balance and continuity of the league.

II.Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is to be followed by all owners in our league. The commissioner will enforce this Code without exception. 

Participation is the lifeblood of any fantasy baseball league; more than fresh free agents, more than rivalries, even more than the stats that we look at and study from day to day. If there is no sense of community going on between owners - no trade talk, no trash talk, no baseball talk – then very quickly, there will be no league because there will be no fun. All owners are encouraged to go out and a start a rivalry or to talk up some trade bait amongst other owners; not only for their own enjoyment, but also for the good of the league. 

It goes without saying that preparedness is the key to a long-term and successful dynasty league. Owners who come to the draft prepared and do their homework when it comes to researching players and studying the league rules usually are the ones who have success from year to year. No one wants to play with a roster full of scrubs. Owners are also encouraged to stay on top of MLB signings and trades year-round, not only for their enjoyment, but also for the good of the league. Remember that there is no “offseason” in Dynasty Baseball. 

Perhaps the most overlooked facet of fantasy baseball is communication. Owners and Commissioners alike need to be timely, complete and accurate with the information they provide to one another. In a virtual game like fantasy baseball, based on statistics and one level removed from reality, communication is the only way that everybody can share the construct that is collectively built. Owners are encouraged to over-communicate rather than under-communicate whenever possible. We will be using the GroupMe app to communicate league business daily. 

Sportsmanship, a much maligned value these days, helps make fantasy baseball a much more pleasant experience for all involved. True enough, the fantasy sports environment is competitive, as it should be, but sportsmanship is more about knowing when to draw the line. Every owner has had a guy in one of their leagues who no one will trade with because he will try peddling his injured players or “no value” players for your healthy ones, or my favorite, will only make a trade if he is making way ahead in the deal. 

Manager Ownership Responsibilities
a.Knowing and following all of the league rules, bylaws, schedules, and deadlines
b.Ensuring that their team has current contact information
c.Responding to emails from the commissioners or other managers in a timely manner
d.Taking part in all league votes and debates

The following things will not be tolerated: 
a.Failure to access the site and disappear for excessive and extensive periods of time
b.Failure to respond to trade offers
c.Failure to submit weekly lineups
d.Failure to follow or participate in any league function or scheduled event
e.Any racial slurs or derogatory remarks to any of the owners or commissioners

Owners should also be aware that a high-level of participation is required during the off-season for drafting prospects & trading. 
I understand real-life happens so if you’re going to be away for an extensive period of time please notify the commissioners right away. 

III.Naming Your Team

The league will consist of a total of 16 teams. 

All team names must abide by these simple rules - City Name and Nickname (I.E. Alamo Cyclones) Divisions will be broken up randomly before we begin the draft by no affiliation of where the owner is starting their team. Team cities may not contain a city where a real life MLB team is located. There will be a total of two divisions. 

All teams must provide an email address. 

IV.The Draft

The draft will consist of a total of 65 rounds to draft your major league and minor league rosters. There will be an 8 hour time limit to select your player with a shut-off time of Midnight to 8:00AM Eastern time. 

Off-season Prospect Draft
We will have a 5 round draft each year for addition of prospects. It will be in reverse order of standings from the season prior. Meaning if you finished 3rd place in the regular season, but win the playoffs, you would still draft 14th versus 16th. No date has been set when this will occur. It will follow the same rules as the initial draft and will follow suit each year after. 


The roster will consist of 25 starting positions broken down from hitting and pitching. There will be 15 bench slots and a total of 25 minor league spots for your prospects. Everyone will roll over on a year to year basis. 

Hitting Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, IF, LF, CF, RF, OF, UTIL, UTIL, 
Pitching Positions: SP, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP, P, P, P, P, P 
Reserve: BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN
Minor League Farm System: 25 open spots 


This league will hold a 7x7 scoring system. 

Hitting scoring: Batting Average (AVG), Home Runs (HR), On Base + Slugging Percentage (OPS), Runs Scored (R), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB), Total Bases (TB). 

Pitching scoring: Walks Allowed Per Nine Innings (BB/9), Earned Run Average (ERA), Strikeouts Pitched Per Nine Innings (K/9), Quality Starts (QS), Saves + Holds (SVH), Wins (W), WHIP Ratio (WHIP). 

Everyone is expected to do their best and try to win every week. Teams that pull nonsense like starting players on DL or leaving players who are playing on their bench on a consistent basis will not be tolerated. I know everyone has lives, but it doesn’t take too long to set a lineup for the day or the week. The last thing I want is to have other managers complaining that their opponent is tanking the week to get a better pick in the upcoming draft. Please take the time to set a decent lineup. Teams that are caught tanking will be given a warning or worse, they will lose position in upcoming prospect drafts. 

If teams begin to dump players who are valuable and have no reason to be on the free agent market it will be dealt with swiftly and the owner WILL BE locked and removed. 

If a team is abandoned, said owner will be contacted VIA email. If no response has been received the team will be replaced. 
Any team eliminated from Playoff will be locked from making moves until the Off-season in our league begins. 

VIII.Addition/Subtraction to League Rules

The league commissioner will put out quick surveys or emails to the league to get feedback from managers. The commissioner will use this information, along with other research from other fantasy leagues to decide on possible rule or league changes for the league. Anything minor can be made during the season, but major changes must wait until the offseason. 

Any suggestion for a rule change or addition/subtraction must be turned into the commissioner before the following season starts to vote on within the league. 

IX.Final Note

From time to time, a situation may arise in which the rules, as written, may harm the position of a team in a way that was not the intent of the rule. If this scenario arises, the commissioner has the right to re-evaluate the league rules and determine whether the situation at hand is such that the intent of the rules when written cannot stand because the literal interpretation would lend itself to the contrary. If the above is true, the commissioner can forgo the rules as written, in favor of the rules' intent. If the commissioner comes to such a decision, he will inform the other league owners by email/message board post explaining the situation, the decision to forgo the rule in question, and the reasoning for making such a decision. This may be discussed, but after the final decision has been made by the commissioner there will be no whining about the decision.

If you like what you see and think you'd be a good fit please feel free to email me.

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I emailed as well. Would like to join. 


WARNING:  I'm probably the best fantasy player you may ever play. I have nicknames such as "Masta Drafta" and some believe I am the son of Theo Epstein. 

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