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I would also like to say thank you to everybody who’ve helped me win my 2nd Championship. It was a rough road for me. I started the season 0-3 with being last place. I thought to myself that I won’t be seeing another championship this year. BUT i didn’t give up. I took your guys’ advice with waiver wire pick ups. I didn’t get all the players I wanted but I got just enough to get me where I needed to be. Prior to our championship bout, I literally thought I was done because of his players (Gurley and James

Connor. Yes those star players due to our keeper league). Unfortunately his key players were ruled out. But.... he had Damien Williams and J. Samuels ready. His back ups did awesome but didn’t get him enough. Do I considered myself lucky? Some people will agree. But you gotta believe. Anything is possible. I literally started from the bottom work my way up to the top. Like what drake said, “Start from the bottom, now we here!”


Thank you all. And to everybody that won their league, Congratulations we made it!

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It's not that I hate these threads. Don't get me wrong, your appreciation is very much appreciated. It's just...


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One Thank you Thread wasn’t enough so you made your own thread. 




@HiFantasy would you be alright if everybody made there own bragglicious thread? 

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