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This was brought to my attention in another league and I believe it to be credible, so I am passing along.


Kevin K says

Just wanted to post that "Lakersfan00" @LAKERSFAN00@GMAIL.COM stiffed my other league (with a high stakes buy-in) this year by using a bogus credit card that caused a payment to appear as "pending" for weeks into the season. He intentionally did this, and we later discovered his is a convicted felon with a laundry list of scamming people out of money. I suspect he would've found a way to pay if his team started out 4-0 or something, but he drafted Bell and had an awful team. This guy sat through a +2 hour auction draft with the intent to defraud us. I wanted to share, so hopefully you all don't have similar issues in the future.

Public announcement:

Lakersfan00 is a convicted felon, fraudster, con artist and scammer with a gambling problem FYI. There is an entire website dedicated to his prior crimes ( As was stated, having fully paid entries in LS prior to the start helps, but I'd be very concerned about him partaking in any way. I'd blacklist any of these emails from participating in your future leagues to be safe.

Website commentary on fantasy football-related scams:


Jeffrey Toll has been scamming online in various forums, pretending to set up fantasy football leagues and then scamming participants. He has been known to make various usernames/emails in subreddits such as /r/findaleague and on rotoworld. Some of his usernames and emails include blea2311,,,,,, HippyHopper123, DookieHowzer1, saltysee123, lakersfan00, and,, . He also pretends his name is Daniel/Ryan Kayal online. He is also VVinner on

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