Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

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7 hours ago, dropshadows said:

There's nothing to be disappointed about unless you drafted Chubb[/Kamara/DJ/Conner/Bell/Mixon/Gurley] before Cook in the [1st or] 2nd round. That's about it.



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44 minutes ago, MKO3090 said:


What did I just read?

OK. So he's on track for being RB8 or RB9 in most of the last 5 seasons. This is not taking Hunt into account. Where in that does it say his current pace is RB1?


My last comment was a bit snarky at the end, so apologies for that, but what I was showing was that if Chubb continues his current pace, the worst he would finish in the last 5 years is the 9th best RB (2018), and typically he'd finish as the 8th best RB (2017, 2016, 2014).


That, by definition, would make him an RB1, even in a 10-team league, albeit a mid-low end RB1.


The main point was that Chubb had an ADP in the RB6-RB8 range so if he finishes as RB8, he wasn't a home-run pick, but he returned the value he was expected to provide. There's legitimate reasons for concern with him (and I do own Hunt in a league with only 3 bench spots, so I'm not dismissive of them), but your comment was that his current pace ignoring those concerns is bad, and the numbers suggest otherwise.

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