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$87.50 paid through League Safe. (Majority)



Consolation bracket winner $50
Division Winners $50

Team will keep 10 players each year.

Max 12 starts per scoring period.
Each start over will lose 25 points per
start that’s over.

4 Transactions per scoring period.

10 Keepers each year.

Extended Draft to start mid February with
8 hour clock and shut off between 3am - 7am est.

Daily Lineups.

H2H point matchups.

Minors 400 at bats career/100 games. 150 innings pitched/25 games

C,1B,2B,3B,SS,LF,RF,CF,UT,5 SP,4 RP,7 bench

Trades will be approved within 48 hours of CBS
notification. Any owners have a objection to a trade has
12 hours to do so. If 3 owners object Commissioner
will make final decision.

Draft order first season of league will be set by CBS
after all entry fees are collected. Commissioner will not
take first pick if comes up that way.

Scoring hitters top bat is in 800 points range

Starters and Relievers pretty close with slight edge to Starters

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How do you plan to enforce your limit on maximum starts per scoring period?  As far as I know, CBS doesn't offer a custom scoring category for this.

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