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28 Team League Openings- BEST LEAGUE EVER

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There are a few opening in my 28-team Dynasty Baseball League run on CBS Sportsline. I’ve played fantasy baseball for about 25 years now, including the last 15+ online and this is BY FAR the best and most realistic fantasy league I’ve ever been apart of!
Here is a quick offseason schedule:

Jan 21st- Dispersal draft (for 6 new league owners- starting soon after open spots fill!)
Feb 4- slow 4 round minor league draft

March 10- Live AUCTION draft (Sunday night)
Daily lineup changes, fantasy point scoring, a salary cap, 40 man rosters, player contracts....this league has it all!
Our league holds a dispersal draft every off-season and the incoming owners get to pick (snake draft style) from the rosters of the abandoned teams. There will be 6 owners this year so I need to find a few owners who love baseball AND have knowledge of MLB prospects.
Annual Fee is $56 per franchise and would be due before the start of the dispersal draft.

This league is a blast. All owners are very active in trading with a good mix of contending and re-building teams. 12 of the 28 teams make the playoffs with a chance at a BIG payout!

If interested in more details or an invite please let me know ASAP at

Spots will fill up fast!

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