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Keeper 2v2 trade, doable? 100% WHIR

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16-team, keep 6 forever. 16 cat custom H2H league (FGM, FT%, 3PT%, OREB, A/T, PF, DD added)


PG Curry, Conley, Teague

SG D'Lo, Jamal

SF Ariza, Covington, RHJ

PF Adebayo, Draymond, Griffin

C Porzingis, BLopez, Whiteside, Zizic


I give: Jamal Murray, Bam Adebayo

I Get: Jaren Jackson Jr, Justise Winslow


Curry, Porzingis, D'Lo, Griffin, JJJ, Dray, Covington, Conley, Winslow will be the keeper candidates (who would you keep?)


anyways, do the trade?

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Whoa, slow down with the bumps lol (you're posting late at night, or at least in my time, and expecting a response in 8 hours overnight?)


Damn, as much as JJJ and Winslow are gonna be beasts in the future (Winslow is a bit more nebulous with Dragic returning someday), I'd stick with Murray.  Reason being I'd rather keep Murray and Whiteside, given your league has DDs and OREB, than JJJ and Justise.  

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Murray side for sure.  Bam will be very good IMO once Whiteside moves on and Murray is already showing flashes of being a high end PG.

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