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Coast 2 Coast H2H Points League

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Some of the finest members of our Coast 2 Coast group (football, basketball, baseball) have come from these here forums, and while it's been a while since we've come back here we're now in search of a few (2 ideally, but if there's enough demand I could do 4 to bring out league to 16 rather than 14) new owners to fill out our new league set up which is H2H points.  


A few notes about the league:


1.) We utilize GroupMe heavily, and our core group is on there daily discussing all matters relevant to the league, latest sports news and goings on, and most importantly trash talking.  If you don't intend to be involved in such activities or if you join up and do not become involved, you should either discard this message or you'll be replaced shortly after joining if your activity levels are not up to par with the rest of the group.

2.) This is a league of, and I use the term gently, addicts - no, not drugs or alcohol, trade addicts.  We have a couple owners who feel withdrawal symptoms after going a few days without a trade, and a couple owners who are very content in waiting out the right opportunity via trade so it makes for a good balance.

3.) The best way I could describe our league/chat environment is by describing it as a frat house.  Our core group has been together for a number of years, and typically new members join up and are immediately drawn into the conversation and banter that takes place amidst our league.  If you're a typical 'join 15 leagues from forums and go limp in whichever ones suck' - this group is not for you and I'll be looking to assure you're not one who falls into that category prior to extending a league invite.  


All in all, this is a good opportunity for you should you be interested in getting in with a great group of dudes who love ball busting, sports talk, and competitive fantasy sports.  All of our leagues are hosted through ESPN, but specific to this league we'll be conducting an offline draft via GroupMe in advance to playing out the rest of this season upon draft completion and rolling it forward with 5 keepers going into next year.  We did the same with our H2H categories league and it worked out great for us.  


If you've gotten this far into the message and find yourself interested, shoot me an email at - if you didn't read the message in it's entirety then you'll likely post your information below and expect that I'll send you an invite which I will not do.  I'm looking to engage perspective owners in advance to adding you to our group to ensure that you'll be a good fit and as I mentioned previously, the ones who toss their emails out in hopes of adding a 16th league and it not sucking are not the types of owners we want to add to our group.  Y'all know what to do from here.

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