Dynasty Odell and First Rounder deal

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As stated above, I will be giving these two away, but I’m needing some suggestions if value check as it being my first dynasty season. His team consists of 

QB: Lamar Jackson, J Winston, Mathew Stafford 

RBs: kamara, Chubb, tevin Coleman, T Cohen and  L Murray .

WRs: Diggs AB, D Baldwin, TY Hilton, Julio Jones, Chris Conley, James Washington, Albert Wilson

TE: Kittle, Engram, D Harris, and Everett

and my team is 

QB: Sam Darnold, FitzMagik, Foles and Taysom Hill

RBs: Kerryeon Johnson, Devonta Freeman, and McKinnon

Wrs: Odell, Doctson, Ted Ginn, Kirkwood, D Jax, Kumerow,  I McKenzie,  Pettis, Curtis Samuel,  Sutton and BoBo Wilson(I have a feeling about him)

TE: Doyle, H Henry, Graham

Im after Chubb for sure but if I’m giving away Odell, I need more value 

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I have 3 first rounders by the way so giving away one won’t kill me. 

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I personally wouldn’t trade OBJ, I know he’s been kind of a bust last year but I still think he’s elite. I could see trading him but your WR are not good after trade. I’m not found at all about this draft class so trade the picks or picks but unless your getting back 2 of those wr more I wouldn’t 

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Have to agree that I'm not sure I like this deal for your roster.  I get the desire to want to improve your backfield (trust me - I've been suffering through a horrible backfield for ten years).  But WRs are much more valuable in dynasty than RBs due to their longer shelf life.  And if you are set on doing it, I don't think you should have to include a first-rounder.


Return the favor?


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