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$50 ESPN Roto Keeper Leagues, Daily, 10 Team, Snake, League Safe needs owners

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All leagues are $50 each and are: ESPN, Keeper, Daily, Waiver, 10 Team, Snake, League Safe.

Payouts $250, $150, $100

Free agent moves allowed after the draft.  100 free agent moves allowed for entire season.

Go to the links for each team, access the home page, read the rules and you will be able to see the settings, draft date and time, etc.

Teams can trade players and/or draft picks before the draft, if both teams involved have paid.

You can keep between 7 and 10 keepers, depending on the league.  Should you keep fewer than the max amount of keepers, you get supplemental picks before the draft to fill your roster to 7 (or 10) players before the regular draft.

For every player kept (regardless of whether they were drafted, traded for, or free agents), you will forfeit a draft pick. For example, if you keep four players, you would lose your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th round picks. You would have supplemental picks at the beginning of the draft (5th, 6th, 7th round) to complete your roster up to the 7 players that everyone is allowed to keep. If you kept 4 players and everyone else kept 7, you would have picks in the 5th and 6th and 7th rounds. At that point, you would have 7 players on your roster, and everyone will begin drafting in the 8th round.

Money through League Safe and I have been running fantasy football and baseball leagues for 25 years, so experience is not a problem.

Looking for owner that will compete for the ENTIRE season and not just draft day or half-season owner!

Sportsmanship is the rule for all leagues.  Respect and class will prevail in all leagues.  Disputes will be handled in a mature manner.  Name-calling and profanity will not be allowed.  This is a drama-free league and childish behavior will not be permitted.  If you are removed from the league, NO refunds will be issued.

Read the rules on the league home page and review the settings before asking to join.

If you decide to join, you must pay when you accept the team!


5x5 categories:




6x6 categories:




Here’s a list of the leagues and the list of team(s) available in each:


$50 6x6 Legacy Roto Keeper (7 Keepers)-Team 1

Possible Keepers: Dee Gordon, Josh Donaldson, Jean Segura, AJ Pollock, Nelson Cruz, Nicholas Castellanos, Eddie Rosario, Edwin Diaz.


$50 6x6 Legacy Roto Keeper (7 Keepers)-Team 2

Possible Keepers: Freddie Freeman, Miguel Andujar, Scooter Gennett, Javier Baez, Charlie Blackmon, Khris Davis, Max Muncy, Carlos Carrasco, Robbie Ray.


$50 5x5 USA Roto Keeper (10 Keepers)

Possible Keepers: Francisco Lindor, JD Martinez, Ozzie Albies, JT Realmuto, Lorenzo Cain, Rick Porcello, Zack Wheeler, Mike Foltynewicz, Carlos Rodon.


If you’d like one (or more) of the teams, please specify which league and which team(s) you want.  You can trade for players and/or draft picks immediately after payment of your team.

If interested, e-mail me:

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