20 Team ESPN Auction Dynasty Needs 1 Owner (Salary Cap, Contracts, $500 Prize)

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Need 1 owner for a 3rd-year, 20-Team ESPN Auction Dynasty league - available team shown below (As you can see, this team needs some rebuilding, but this is the offseason to do it, with a great deal of talent available through the draft).  $500 to the winner, $25 buy-in (you can still participate without buying in, but wouldn't be eligible for the winnings).  Teams can keep up to 40.  We work with player contracts and salary cap (links to payroll & league guidelines below), a 6-player minor league system, and a 7x7 Head-to-Head format.  Teams are currently in the midst of re-signing players whose contracts expired following the 2018 season, in anticipation of the draft.  Looking for a serious owner - Let me know if you're interested.


New York Yankees: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=8544&teamId=2


Payroll Sheet: https://goo.gl/xD8Vin
League Guidelines: https://goo.gl/Kd3EcM

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Hi, I am interested, but am trying to better understand the salaries and contracts.

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Here are some contract-related notes for you - let me know what you think about joining:



    • After a drafted/FA player’s contract expires, you can re-sign the player to a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year extension at their auction price, plus:

      • $3 for each year of the contract for VETERANS

      • $1 for each year of the contract for ROOKIE ELIGIBLE PLAYERS


  • NOTES:

    • Signing a player to a 1-year contract extension results in the player automatically becoming a free agent after the contract expires

    • Signing a player to consecutive 2-year contracts results in the player automatically becoming a free agent after the second contract expires (players selected in the auction draft start on a 2-year contract)

    • A player signed to a contract extension can be traded, and can only be cut in the final year of his deal – (a team that cuts a player in the final year of his deal will owe the full amount of the player’s salary for that year)

    • Players can be signed to a maximum contract length of 3 years

    • A rookie-eligible players’ salary does not count against the salary cap for as long as he is deemed a rookie by Major League Baseball

    • A contract extension for a rookie-eligible player is non-guaranteed (the player can be cut at any time without penalty)

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