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King Of The Hill Baseball (KOH) est. 2004:


If you think that you are a good fantasy baseball player then we’re interested in you. The entry fee is $250 and the level of competition is very high. The top 5 finishers win prizes.  We are returning 19 owners this year and have 1 opening.


Slow Snake Draft :


The draft starts on March 1. As commissioner I call/message each owner when it is their turn and they make their pick by notifying me. It is a slow draft that takes around 10-12 days typically, and email/message board draft updates are sent out frequently. Trading picks is allowed before and during the draft.  You can really get a feel for the breakdown of the draft process much better than one of those drafts that are over in 2 hours, and you have one minute to decide on your turn. 


Key Benefit


This draft will be a huge help and prep for your other drafts. You should dominate your other 10, 12, or 15-team leagues easily. Why? Because we are micromanaging the draft here and guys are talking and strategizing throughout the process.


We are seeking a quality, knowledgeable owner who takes the game seriously. Those of you who are merely contributors to the prize pot, and lose interest by week 5 if you are not in contention should find a different league. If you are interested and would like to know more, email me at fearthemunky@yahoo.com or call Dave at 909-499-2718. I can send you an invitation to the league so you can check things out as well as answer questions.


Quick league facts:

20 teams 7x7 roto style

Up to 3 keepers (special rules apply) plus a farm team  of 5 (you will inherit from departed franchises)

Active trading league (typically over 100 trades per season)

CBS website is used

Protest system in place to prevent unfair trades/collusion

We use a committee and rotoumpire.com to settle trade disputes

Detailed league constitution

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