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Very experienced fantasy baseball owner, seeking a league for the upcoming season.  



  • I'm open to keeper or redraft
  • Mixed league or NL only
  • Weekly (daily leagues aren't for me)
  • No dynasty leagues
  • Prefer CBS
  • Auction league
  • Minors
  • Prefer rotisserie / "normal" league - not super into non-traditional categories (maybe OBP instead of BA, but nothing crazy)

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$100 buy-in paid through Fantrax Treasurer.

15-Team Mixed League - ROTO

15 hitters - C, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 5 OF, 2 UT, 10 P, 5 bench, 5 minors

$300 draft budget for AUCTION DRAFT

FAAB free agency (twice weekly)

UP to 15 keepers carried forward

Separate minor league and major league drafts

*Minor league draft would be held in league chatroom and would be a slow draft as soon as the league fills.

*Date for MLB auction would be 2/23 or 3/2 with 3/9 being "last resort" day.

Team names are either defunct teams or long-established minor league teams. So far - Memphis Chicks, Toledo Mud Hens. (I have named the other teams, but they are certainly able to be changed)

We have 9 slots open for serious owners! I was in a 30-team league last year and wanted to scale it back. The other current owner is my father. We have about 30 years of fantasy experience between the 2 of us. Please contact me if you are interested.

Here is a link to the league page:

Here is a link to our full league rules:

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I have a league going into it's second year.  We are looking for a few serious owners.  Our schedule & contracts are unique, everything else is pretty straight forward.  Last year was very active, we're hoping to maintain that momentum!  
Here is my ad from rotoworld: 




$75 entry fee ~ 16 Team H2H 7x7 ~ Keeper ~ 10 Minors Slots ~ 40 man rosters ~ Inter-division schedule - Two divisions (8 teams each) will send their top 3 teams to the playoffs *Up to a $100 bonus for winning the division plus a 1st round bye in the playoffs  **Last year's winner took home $699!!

We are looking for a few serious owners who are active and are looking for a slightly more advanced format. This league was very active in its first season and we hope to continue that into the 2019 season. On top of losing a couple of owners we are also expanding to 16 teams. We are currently looking for 4 new owners to join us

Check out the rules page here: Fantrax

If you would like to join us send me an email at or respond to this posting for an invite

You can check out our home page with this link: Fantrax
We have a good core and are looking for 3 more owners to join us this year. Feel free to email me perdueartanddesign@yahoo with any questions

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