*** Replacement Owner Needed*** Four Sport Contract Based Dynasty Yahoo League. $35 a sport on LeagueSafe. ***Great Rebuilding Team Available***

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Currently looking for a replacement owner in the Intersport Fantasy League (IFL) on Yahoo. Entry is $35 a sport. Basketball ,hockey , football are already drafted and paid for!  You are only required to pay and draft baseball. The baseball draft will be in March 1st. The IFL uses a slow draft done on spreadsheet. 

League Information: 

The Intersport Fantasy League (IFL) is a twelve team four sport contract based fantasy league on Yahoo. The IFL involves NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. Scoring is a head to head points system. All leagues are intertwined and open for cross sport trading. 

The IFL uses a contract system for keepers. Players can be kept for as many years as the contract given. All roster moves are done on the league website .  Please read the league rules in interested:


$35/sport starting with baseball.


Currently we are looking for a new owner to take over the Boston franchise. The four individual rosters can be found at this link or below:

The number posted under the "contract" column is the current contract that player is signed to. If its darkened grey then they are expiring.  You can extend one expiring contract for every sport per year. If you scroll all the way to the left you'll find prospects that are rostered.

Post below if you're interested. You will have immediate access to all rosters. The hockey and basketball teams are currently out of the playoffs. Remember, you'd only be required to pay for the upcoming baseball season. If you are not interested in all FOUR sports please do not post. Feel free to post or send me a message with any questions about this league and ill be more then happy to answer. 


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