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Trade picks for....? (WHIR!)

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Roster and league settings for those on mobile:

12 team,  deep keeper (prob 110-120 players),  PPR, 1pt/5 rushes,       Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1flex, 1 D/ST

probable keepers:   QB-   Rodgers,  JAllen     RB-   Barkley,   Kerryon,   Guice     WR-  ABrown,   Woods,      TE-  Ertz

other options: PBarber,  ZJones,  CSamuel

I have picks 1.09, 2.09, 3.03, 5.03, 5.09, 6.03, 7.03, 8.03.


Given the roster and settings, if you had the chance to flip the 1.09 and 2.09 for one of: KDrake, JEdelman, or DPettis.....


A) would you?

B ) which one?


Thanks?  Leave your link!


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I wouldn’t trade both those picks for one of them.  Based on how many keepers you are saying will be kept I’d consider your first for Drake or your 2nd for Pettis or Edelman. Doing both for one of them seems too much to me

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Lots of offseason questions with the Miami backfield, and SF WR core.


Edelman might be a nice get straight-up for the 2:09 (not sure what FA will be available for you at this spot), but Edelman is more than likely just a 1yr rental.


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