$265 CBS Dynasty/Keeper league utilizing leaguesafe and couchmanagers for annual auction draft

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This is a second year league in search of 4 owners. It has 2 annual drafts. 1 for prospects, 1 slow auction for free agents. Owners are free to keep whomever and however many of their players they want so they are free to build their teams however they deem fit. Due to the salary nature of the league, there is an awesome turnover of “free agents” that are available in the auction draft every year. This year already has Harper, Bryant, Kershaw, Altuve , and more available, and final cuts haven’t even been made! It is a 14 team 6x6 Roto league and the current constitution is as follows:



This will be a 14 team, keeper/dynasty, 6x6 Rotisserie Scoring, slow auction league utilizing LeagueSafe for payments, Couch Managers for drafts, and CBS for all other aspects of the league. 


Each Team will consist of a 30 man MLB roster as well as a 12 man minor league roster. The MLB roster will consist of C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 4 – OF, 1 – U, 2 – SP, 2 – RP, 5 – P, 9 - Bench and 3 DL spots. The minor league team can consist of any amount of any position the owner deems fit.


There will be an initial first year MLB slow auction draft followed by an initial MLB Prospect slow auction draft, both of which will be accomplished using Couch Managers. The budget for the MLB draft will be $300 while the budget for the minor league draft will be $120. All future minor league drafts will be conducted via CBS message board in the offseason as well as be a worst to first draft, meaning the last place team gets the first pick every round, and first place gets last pick. Each team will draft for as many rounds as it takes to fill their minor league roster up to 12 players. All future MLB drafts will continue to be of the slow auction format and continue to be hosted by Couch Managers.

Keeper/Dynasty Rules

Owners may keep as many or as few players as they choose at the expense of an additional $4 on top of the players original auction price for the previous year. (I.E. If you draft Kenny Powers for $50 this year, it will cost you $54 to keep him in 2019, $58 to keep him in 2020, etc.) All non-kept players will be thrown into the auction at the end of the season, and their salaries reset back to $1. Prospects on a team’s minor league roster will be on a $0 salary year after year until they are called up to the teams Major League Roster. At this point, they will receive a $1 contract and can never be sent back to a minor league roster. Prospects can be called up anytime an owner chooses, however must be promoted by the time they hit 50 IP/130 Abs and are no longer prospect eligible. The overall in-season salary cap will be $325 to allow for trades as well as free agent pickups. The total sum of all a team’s players’ contacts will not exceed $325 during the season and will be reset to $300 after posting keepers and prior to next seasons draft in the off season. FAAB will be a $1000 budget and any Free Agents picked up will be given a $1 MLB salary. Any player dropped will retain their original draft salary throughout the season (I.E. if you drop Kenny Powers, he can be picked up by a winning FAAB bid, however, his original price of $50 counts against a team’s salary cap. In this case, it would cause a team’s overall cap to reach $350, which would be illegal. This team would be required to drop $25 worth cap space in players to reach the $325 limit. 


Any MLB prospect is free to be add/dropped using FAAB throughout the regular season. However, any international prospect given MLB eligibility (I.E. Otani) signed after the seasons prospect draft, as well as any player drafted in the June MLB amateur draft is off limits until next season prospect draft.

Scoring – Roto 6x6 Scoring Categories

Batting – OBP, SLG, HR, RBI, SBN, R      Pitching – QS, IP, SV, ERA, WHIP, K/9

Minimum Innings Pitched will be 1100

Payments and Payouts

This will be a 100% Payout League with a Dynasty Jackpot. The entry fee will be $250 a person plus $15 for CBS and Couch managers fees every year. So $265 a year. Any money left over from admission fees will be moved to the Dynasty Jackpot. Dynasty Pot Being said, the payouts will be as follows:

1st: $1500


3rd: $500

4th : $250

Dynasty Pot: $250

First team to win 3 championships takes the entire Dynasty Pot collection from over the years! Fantasy Season will coincide with the entirety of the MLB Regular Season. Good Luck


If interested, or would like to see available rosters for available teams. Please Email Bryan at



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1 them left! Interested owner looking at the last team, but first to pay leaguesafe gets it email me for roster and details!

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Hey Bryan - My buddy and I will take the team. 

Send invite and instructions to pay

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