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One opening available in $500 Fantrax auction keeper league--H2H Most Cats, 10 teams.

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One owner could win more than $3,000 in this one league! Money held in Fantrax Treasurer or LeagueSafe. (League played last year on ESPN and is moving to Fantrax.)


Available team owns Vlad, Senzel, Kershaw.


Will set auction draft date when league is full.


Keep between 4 and 7 for 2019


Balanced scoring between hitting and pitching


Email for full league rules.


ROSTER POSITIONS: 33 total, 23 active, 10 bench, 4 DL, plus 4 rookies/minor leaguers carried on separate roster. Starters (23) are composed of one catcher; four outfielders; one each 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI (middle infielder), CI (corner infielder); two utility; two RP, two SP and 6 other pitchers. There are no maximum limits by position on rosters.


SCORING: Head to Head/Most Cats scoring, with 9 categories each for hitting and pitching:


• Batting average 

• Home runs 

• Runs batted in 

• Net stolen bases (steals minus caught stealing)

• Runs scored 

• On base percentage

• Hits

• Strikeouts

• Walks


• Wins 

• Quality starts

• Strikeouts

• Saves 

• Holds

• Earned run average (ERA-minimum 20 innings pitched)

• Hits plus walks divided by innings (WHIP-minimum 20 innings pitched)

• Strikeout-to-walk ratio (K/BB) 

• Losses



Each team is limited to 12 games started in a given head to head week of competition. During short or long scoring periods, as often happens during the All-Star week in Major League Baseball, we will add or subtract 2 starts per day. 


Also, each team MUST have a minimum of 5 pitching starts to be eligible to win any pitching categories.


100% payout, $5,000. We are big believers in the philosophy that sustained excellence over a full season is more important than winning the playoffs. 


As a result our payout structure will be weighted toward rewarding those teams that dominate the regular season.


Regular Season 


1st: $1,000 

2nd $750

3rd $250


Winner of most cats in regular season $750

Second most cats $250



1st $1,300 

2nd $700


Email if you are interested.



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