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Been rolling along in a 16-teamer punt assists build despite starting with Kawhi and Jimmy and having some nightmare weeks early on due to rest/pouting. Pretty happy with the team. Strong in both percentages which I always aim for with punt assists and dominant in TOs. It was a little weak in blocks, but Mitch Rob fixed that. Could use a little work in 3s because I recently traded away Ross in a package for Capela (Whiteside + Ross + Zeller to a punt FT% team getting smoked by injuries). I keep waiting to run into problems rolling with punt assists, but I haven't yet. Fairly easy build to pull off. Your floor is very high if you are decent in both percentages and TOs.

In my 12-teamer, I started with a punt blocks team built around Jokic and it's morphed into more of a punt threes team with below-average points. Blocks are pretty solid now with Mitch Rob exploding, Cousins back, and Harrell stepping up his defense. Picked Love in 3, so that was fun. Luckily, I also went Nance in 8. I was in first for 10ish weeks and then I had two weeks where I had 7-8 injured players. I'm in a dog fight for the second bye now. All things considered, it's been pretty successful. I'm not surprised my team has turned into a weaker threes and points team. I find I value stocks and percentages from my waiver-wire adds more than points and threes so most years I end up improving those cats and weakening my points and threes as the year goes on. 

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16 hours ago, ItsOjMang said:

Consider the following scenario.

Assume you draft a well rounded team who's FT%'s do not fall below 72% per player, nobody shoots below 45%, and nobody turns the ball over more than 2 times a game (very hypothetical situation). The season starts out, and within the first week you are down your 1st picks for 2 months, your 3 pick is out for the season, and your 6th pick is out until the all-star break. Well, more than likely you will still see moderate success in FT and FG %'s, and TO's even if you hold on to the guys who will return and go with an 11 man roster for a while, as opposed to a healthy 13. You can focus more on winning the other six categories while your team is injured, knowing that you have 2 or 3 in the bag still every week - all you have to do is win 2 or 3 more of 6 each week and you are above .500.

Blocks would probably top the list of the other 6 categories and their importance, followed by steals and threes (all low accumulating stats), and the rest are high volume accumulating stats that balance each other out.


This was my strat in a punt assist build, where I took KLove 2nd, and was also trying to stash DMC and Garris with 1 IR spot through much of the early season.  Get your efficiency stats as green green as possible, value stocks over other counting stats and try to win 5-4.  Winning the high count cats with 11 active players is not logical.  

Additional injuries and DNP's eventually cost me the season but it was fairly successful when I could roll with 11 healthy, product, efficient players. 

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I semi-punted assists...on that note we could have a deeper discussion on the topic of punting assists, since it seems like there's less and less players averaging big assist numbers, it might seem less important to full on punt that category because you can still be competitive in it with limited resources.  But anyway...I soft punted assists in 1 head to head league, and hard punted in another one.   


The soft punt team is stacked and has been in first the whole year - the meat of the lineup and approximate draft order

Embiid - George - Whiteside - Roco (trade) - Russell - Mirotic - Allen - Dunn - Hield - Harrell - Levert - Siakam  


The hard punt team kind of sucks and is in 6th.  I think the only reason I took Middleton, Gordon, Lopez, and Murray was because I hadn't drafted them on any other teams yet.   But with this squad I can hopefully sneak in the playoffs and win it all on FG, Reb, Blocks, TO...and stream 3's or steals to try to win 5 cats.  


AD - Capela - Middleton - Murray - A. Gordon - Lopez - the rest are all waiver pickups - Bojan, Smart, Jackson, Brown.  



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12 hours ago, Gile Pile said:

It makes total sense. I am doing punt ast, with emphasis on 3pm, reb, TOs  and percentages.  The key is, in my opinion, finding players with low TOs that do not hurt you in categories they do not contribute much.  White, Brogdon, T. Harris, Siakam, Nance are perfect  for this.  Tucker is another main contributor on my team.  And also my favorite C this year, B. Lopez.  Imagine how he would fit on this Lakers team :D


I have Brook too, he is literally perfect for my team. Picked him up off the waivers in October :lol:

Great point on finding players with low TOs that don't hurt you in categories they do not contribute much. I never thought of it that way, but it makes total sense mathematically.


13 hours ago, CFN said:


Yep this is true and one of the reasons I tend to always prioritize FG%/FT%/TO. This also applies to the weekly schedule in H2H – if you're at a total games played disadvantage you can still do well, and when you have the advantage in total games played you will dominate.

Another reason to prioritize those cats is because a lot of owners overlook them naturally and go for popcorn stats.


LOL popcorn stats.

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I drafted Oladipo and Wall in my 20 team league. Successfully punted 9 categories. Neverr been this happy and contented in my whole fantasy life.

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Punt assists in roto 9 cat.



O. Porter








Mikal Bridges


Kenrich Williams


I just traded Butler + Bridges for Capela + Harrell , because I can win a lot of points in fg% and rbds and just lose a few in ft%. Will finish for sure top 4 on 13 players, projected first on bbm.

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