$35 H2H-Weekly 6x6 Mixed Roto Redraft League

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$35 H2H-Weekly 6x6 Mixed Roto Redraft League


If interested email me (at: and I will send you the League Invite.


- League format/etc. (see below)

- MLB (NL and AL) & Minor Leagues players

- Hosted by Fantrax (best fantasy service in the industry)

- Fantrax Treasurer (same as LeagueSafe) will collect and distribute prizes (immediately after end of our season)

- 12 teams, 2 Div. of 6 each

- 2 Div. Winners and “next best 4” make the Playoffs (4 weeks)

- Each week (Mon-Sun) you will play one other team, and be awarded wins/loses/ties based on your results in each of the 12 categories we use (see below)

- 100% of League fees ($35 per team) are returned in prizes!

- Live online draft Sunday March 17th, 7:00pm ET

- Draft order set randomly by Fantrax before the draft


League Summary: 2019 MLB Fantasy League of Baseballers 



        Your league stats begin accumulating on: Wed Mar 20, 2019

        Your league stats end accumulating on: Sun Sep 29, 2019



        Playoffs will begin in this Scoring Period: 23 (Sep 2/19 - Sep 8/19) and last for 3 periods (rounds).

        Number of teams qualifying for playoffs: 6

        Playoff Seeding: Division winners get top playoff seeds and Rd 1 bye

        Reseed each playoff round: Yes



        Maximum Total Players: 29 (MLB and/or Minor Leagues)

        Maximum Active Players: 22

        Maximum Reserve Players: 7

        Injured Reserve: 1


Weekly Line-Up


Catcher (C)                     2       

1st Base (1B)                  1       

2nd Base (2B)                 1       

3rd Base (3B)                  1       

Shortstop (SS)                1       

Corner Infield (CI)           1       

Middle Infield (MI)           1       

Outfield (OF)                   4       

Utility (Any Hitter) (UT)   1       

Pitcher (P)                       9       


Scoring Categories


Hitting         Home Runs (HR)

Hitting         Runs Batted In (RBI)

Hitting         Runs Scored (R)

Hitting         Stolen Bases (SB)

Hitting         Batting Average (AVG)

Hitting         On Base + Slugging Percentage (OPS)

Pitching       Quality Starts (QS)

Pitching       Saves (SV)

Pitching       Strikeouts Pitched (K)

Pitching       Wins (W)

Pitching       Earned Run Average (ERA)

Pitching       WHIP Ratio (WHIP)


Team Minimum and Maximum Requirements per Scoring Period

Scoring Category             Min      Max

Innings Pitched -             900      None




        Lineup changes are executed: Weekly every Monday

        Lineup Changes are locked 0:01 (hours: minutes) Set amount of time before 1st game of period



        Maximum Trades per Team: Unlimited

        Trade Deadline Date: Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:59 PM EDT

        Trade Voting System: Owners

        Days to Vote: 2

        # of Objections Required: 6


Free Agents

        Free Agent Claim System: Automated Priority Order

        Priority order: Reverse Order of Standings (non-serpentine)

        Rotate Free Agent Claim Order After Each Claim: Yes

        Free Agent Claim Order Reset Days: Mon

        Free Agent Claim Order Reset Time: 3:00 am EST

        Free Agent claims are processed on: Sat at 3:00 pm EST



        Draft Type: Live Online Standard

        # of rounds: 29

        Draft Date: Sun Mar 17, 2019, 7:00 PM EDT

        Time limit per pick: 0:01:15 minutes/seconds

        Draft order type: Random - Snake/Serpentine

        Undrafted players go to the: Free Agent pool



        Regular Season Division Winners (2): $50/ea    ($100 total)

        Regular Season Division 2nd Place (2): $35/ea   ($70 total)

        Regular Season Division 3rd Place (2): $25/ea    ($50 total)

        League Champion: $125

        League Runner-Up: $75

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