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I'm putting together a new league with guys who have been playing fantasy football for years. I've never run a league and could the forum to take a look over it. I am trying a Sabermetrics angle that attempts to reign in streamers. Let me know if you see any obvious flaws or if you have any tips to make it better. Thank you!




Hitting: Runs / HR / RBI / Net Stolen Base / OBP / SLG

Pitching: IP / Wins / ERA / WHIP / Kper9 / SVHD

Roster Size

9 Batting (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, UTIL)

7 Pitching (P)

4 Bench (BE)

1 Disabled List (DL)




Lineup Changes: Weekly - Lock at Individually Scheduled First Game of Week

Waiver Process Days and Time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday @ 12 PM ET

Player Acquisition Budget: $200 Min Bid: $1


League Size: 12

Season Length: 16 games - Each team plays their division opponent twice / Out of Division Once

Playoffs: Six Teams Make it - 2 with BYE - One week per round

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I think it's a very solid league setup. Usually I do not like IP as a category, but when it's on weekly setting it works here. I love it. 

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Depending on the number of teams and assuming its a mixed league using both leagues, I would expand the lineup a little bit - using a CI (which is another 1B and 3B) in addition to the 1B and 3B and then a MI (which is another 2B or SS) plus I would go 5OF, my guess is you are planning to go 3.  Im a 2-Catcher fan, but I understand the rationale in todays catcher landscape to go one. 

Again depending on how many teams/owners may want to go saves OR at the very least have like a Saves + Holds/2 but overall looks solid, nothing too crazy or redundant.  


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