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Why our partial keeper league works! (need one owner). $45 CBS

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I need one owner.  In many keeper leagues, weaker teams drop out.  Over time, teams can become too strong causing weaker teams to lose hope and give up. Our league has found a way to avoid this. 

We are a H2H partial keeper league on CBS.   Entry is $45.  PAYOUT IS  $165  $135  $100  $80  $60 and $60  

This is a competitive, challenging league because there are 20 teams and you only keep a small portion of your roster from year to year. 

We keep 3 players after season one, 5 players after season two, 7 players after season three, and then we have a complete redraft. 

There are 4 divisions of 5.  Win your division and you get paid! There are also two wildcard teams. 

Lineups are weekly. You play one team each week. Wins and Losses are what matter in this league- NOT total points for season. 

22 man roster.  Start one player at each position, one utility (any batter) and 4 starting pitchers.  We do not use relievers / closers. 

Rosters can be any combination of players, but no more that 8 pitchers. 

Limit of 22 roster moves for the season- which adds to the challenge. 

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED- The team that I have available will keep GOLDSCHMIDT and  BAEZ (we are only keeping two this season).  This team will draft 8th out of 20. 

Scoring is basic.

Email me for details.  



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