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20 Team Salary Cap Franchise GM League (40-Man, 25-Active, Deep MiLB, Year-Round - Details Within!)

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Love prospects & minor league baseball? Love franchise GM strategy & salary cap/contracts? Looking for a long-term commitment & essentially 11-month fantasy baseball? Then you’ve come to the right place!

That’s the only sales pitch I’m giving, except I truly hope this gets filled with owners looking for a fun, competitive league - emphasis on having fun. It's a realistic GM experience meant to mimic a real-life Franchise & the decisions they must make.

Brief summary of the league:

- 20 Teams

- ($100-$150 Buy-In ; currently being discussed)

- Salary Cap / GM Franchise Realism League

- Fantrax for scoring/roster management / ProBoards for drafts, communication, auctions, promotions/demotions, etc.

- Year-round Commitment (Drafts alone): (First-Year Player Draft, International Signing Period & Minor League Free Agent Draft)

- 40-Man Roster (w/ Promotions/Demotions & Paid Minors)

- 25-Man Active Roster

- 150-250 MiLB Prospect Roster (no salaries for these players until promoted)

- H2H Categories (even this is debatable depending on the interested owners' preferences) -

Offense -


Pitching -

QS, W, ERA, WHIP, K, BB, 2*SV+HLD, OBPA (On-Base Percentage Against)

Free agency is held as public auctions on ProBoards, Year2Year contracts, Extensions & Options allow you to grow your 40-man & minors system to your true appeal. Teams are incentivized to not tank thru a supplemental playoff bracket that occurs resulting in supplemental draft picks (beginning in the 1st round, which means a Top 50 prospect)

This league will feature outstanding organization from the Commissioners & League Committees, very data-driven and 24/7 up-to-date Google Sheets roster info, projected free agents, draft results, etc. Therefore, do not let the complexity scare you away if it all sounds good thus far - all the information will be there for you!

The way the contracts are structured, even though it looks and sounds complex for a league as a whole, you have to actually try to mess up a squad so badly that you’ll want to leave it.  Or, in all likelihood, the Trade Committee would just not allow the trades to be processed.  (We’re here to help!)

The only reason I know a league like this is even feasible/capable is because I participated in a 300-man roster with this same basic framework/structure and it is by far the most fun in fantasy baseball I’ve ever had.  Even in my first year being new to a league like that, I think by the end of my very first off-season, I had it down.  I struggled all off-season to find a similar league to join, and ultimately decided I had failed and therefore, put in the time to copy/customize their constitution, set up the ProBoards and begin recruiting for this league.  There was simply nothing else out there that I could find, even remotely similar.

If you’re interested in checking out the league further, I just got the ProBoards site up this week, so please forgive the bareness to it, but it holds all of the rules, etc. and getting on there would be the next step in case you wanted to be penciled in. We already have a good group of core owners that are confident in a 2019 start. (

I very much look forward to hearing and talking with some of you, please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, comments or anything at all!

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We have 9 confirmed, 14 pending their confirmation, but have received well over 20+ e-mails.  However, we want to ensure we have the right owners for the integrity of this league - time is of the essence though as we need to get the initial MLB draft started by March.

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I'm interested in joining.  I'm very active and knowledgable in dynasty leagues. One thing I would like to suggest is that if we do say a $150 league, everyone pays $200, $50 goes toward next year. Keeps people invested and if they don't come back that's $50 off for the new owner his first year taking over the orphan team.

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Indeed, it's a 2-year requirement up-front to ensure if we have to replace any owners.  I've pretty thoroughly vetted the owners we have thus far, so we're sitting at about 13/20.  

I just got the ProBoards up a few days ago, so please forgive the lack of convo to it, but it holds all of the rules, etc. and getting on there would be the next step so that I can pencil you in. I was quite pessimistic about launching so late in 2019, but we have a great core group of owners and most have expressed extreme optimism about launching by next week. I don't want to sacrifice the integrity of the league, but it looks like we're looking quite good!

Anyhow, the website you'll want to visit for basic info is:

Specifically, you'll want to post in this thread if you were interested in joining:

That way I can just add your name and pencil you in for now. I also have the league set-up on Fantrax and can send an invite to that your way as well.

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Good Morning!   I want a league with committed GM's that will commit year after year.  I'm really interested in this league.


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47 minutes ago, foam99 said:

I would be interested. 

Head to our ProBoards here for the League Application if you're interested:

@skor - Our league is complex and requires Fantrax's premium features, therefore the charge from Fantrax.

18/20 members currently! Draft looks like it'll kick off this upcoming week.

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