Why Should I Dip My Most Excellent Drafting Toe Into your Auction League?

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 Three reasons.

1. In concrete terms in our League Mike Trout is available in our Auction Day Pool. So is Machado. And so is Jose Ramirez. So are Nolan Arenado, Trea Turner, and Francisco Lindor. I could go on and on. Everyone is on equal footing because they have a chance to get any player, no matter what their draft position is. If you get stuck with the 12th pick in a 12-team snake draft league, you have virtually no chance at any of the game’s top 2 or 3 best players. In an auction, you have as good a chance as any other owner to land the best players - as long as you're willing to pay the "market price." Draft position simply doesn't matter, so only nominating in an Auction evens the playing field tremendously for every team.

Auctions then are More Fair: Why should some random process determine who gets the best player or No. 1 pick. In an auction ALL PLAYERS ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL OWNERS.

Okay, what else? 

2. During an Auction there is more action, more intrigue, more strategy, more head games, more game theory, than in between your team’s serpentine Draft Picks. An Auction is more dramatic. Hands down.

3. Not only is every player available to you, so is every strategy. In an auction, you're in control. You have a budget, sure, but it's up to you how the money gets spent, therefore it's up to you what positions you accentuate and ignore, it's up to you whether you load up on stars or play it safe, and it's up to you whether you grab a ton of players early or wait for the bargain bin. Auction leagues are for anyone who ever looked at his or her draft position and thought, "I'm completely screwed before my first pick is even made." 
In Snake Drafts your Draft position often determines which tactics and strategies are in your tool bag.

We have one Replacement Team slot left. Why should you try our Auction League? Because it will cost you only a couple or three of lattes to get the genuine Auction experience: $15 for a superior stat service. And after you decide you like it and have learned through experience, you don’t have to worry that our league may be here today and gone tomorrow. This will be our 34th consecutive season.

Send me a direct message and I’ll gladly supply more information, but let me stress unequivocally that this is not a long range rehab or makeover team. You’re going to like your 15 Keepers.

Thanks for considering us,

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Is this a cbs league? Auction dollars amount? Scoring? Can I see the rules if CBS?

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  • The other formats are best for gamblers who prefer slots and roulette.  
  • The auction format, limited to 10 to 12 teams, is more for poker aficionados.  
  • Auctions---live ones---are the best kind of psychological high stakes poker.


Experiment with us on the cheap. 

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