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2019 $300 Dynasty League Startup

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The Association – Dynasty League

Entry: $300 per season + $150 Retainer for following season. All payments will be held in LeagueSafe and will be by majority approval.

League Retainer Fee: The $150 league retainer is half your entry for the following season. This is to eliminate as much league turnover as possible and make it easier to recruit new owners to replace dormant ones if the need arises. This also keeps everybody invested in the future as opposed to stacking the present and abandoning ship.

Teams: 20 Teams

Platform: Yahoo

Payouts: With 20 teams, there will be a total pot of $6,000.

1.      $3,000 (50%)

2.      $1,500 (25%)

3.      $900 (15%)

4.      $600 (10%)

Positions: 2 Guards, 2 Forwards, 1 Center, 10 Bench

Scoring: FG%, FT%, PTS, 3PTM, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO

H2H Scoring: Head to head with categories won counting as wins, categories lost counting as losses, etc.  

Waiver Type: FAAB w/ continual rolling list tiebreaker

Dynasty Keepers: Each season, an owner will be allowed to keep 10/15 on their roster. The five cuts will be put back into the draft pool.

Draft Order: Inaugural season will feature a random draft order followed by a draft lottery the following season. The 8 teams that make the playoffs will be seeded based on their REGULAR season record the in the following lottery with the #1 overall record getting the 20th draft position, #2 overall record drafting 19th, etc. The inaugural draft will have 15 rounds with each off-season draft following only having five.

Draft Lottery: The draft lottery will mimic the NBA lottery where the bottom 3 teams in the regular season receive equal odds of getting the number one pick. The seeds and “lottery balls” are as follows: Each round of the draft will have the same order.

1.      21 balls (15.8%)

2.      21 balls (15.8%)

3.      21 balls (15.8%)

4.      18 balls (13.5%)

5.      15 balls (11.3%)

6.      12 balls (9.0%)

7.      9 balls (6.8%)

8.      6 balls (4.5%)

9.      4 balls (3.0%)

10.   3 balls (2.3%)

11.   2 balls (1.5%)

12.   1 ball (0.8%)

If teams finish with the same record, each tied team receives the average of the total number of combinations for the positions that they occupy. If any owner suspects another team of tanking but not defined in the current rule, there will be a discussion in the offseason on how to eliminate it.

Rule Changes: Rule changes will be subject to 75% owner approval or will be vetoed. Rules will be held during “Summer Meetings” which will take place during an allocated week where the draft lottery will also take place.

Tanking: There will be zero tolerance for tanking in this league as it is intended to be a highly competitive, high-stakes league. With only (5) starters per day, every owner is expected to field a starting five if they have eligible players playing during that day. However, we all have jobs outside of fantasy basketball so there will be a warning system. The tanking violation will go into effect when there are 10-weeks remaining in the regular season.

1.      Warning One: If an owner violates the no tanking policy, they will be issued their first warning.

2.      Warning Two: The second time an owner violates the no tanking policy, they will be issued their second warning.

3.      Warning Three: The third time an owner violates the no tanking policy, they will be issued their final warning.

4.      Violations: After an owner has reached their final warning, they will be deducted (1) lottery ball per violation for the following off-season’s draft.

If a player is GTD due to injury or doesn’t play for a coach’s decision or some other game-time call, an owner will not receive a violation. The idea is to prevent the team’s from mailing it in the last half of the season to better their lottery odds.

Playoffs: The top 8 teams at the end of the regular season will advance to the playoffs. There will be reseeding as the playoffs progress if a top-seed is eliminated (If the 1 loses to the 8 and the 2 beats the 7, the 2 will play the 8 in the next round).

Trades: Players and draft picks will be eligible to be traded. All trades will be approved but under a 5-day trade review period. During that time, if the majority (10/18) owners feel that a trade is too one-sided, they can vote to veto the trade. The two owners involved in the trade will not be allowed to cast a vote. The league trade deadline will be posted in the league settings before the start of the season.



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