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Searching for a keeper/dynasty league

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Looking for a money league to join preferably on Yahoo. Send me information of tot league. 

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If you are still looking, under the title "Old School Roto - New Dynasty Forming" and some settings below:


1. standard 5x5 categories (no unique or "fun" categories)

2. year long roto (not points or head to head)

3. Dynasty (means you keep everyone except the ones you want to drop)

4. $20 entry, will set up leaguesafe when we get enough teams

5. maximum of 20 teams but want at least 15

6. draft 2pm Eastern on 3/17

7. more details in separate topic but you can email me with questions: (will send you email also)

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One for one more replacement owner for my league team and details below: 
Team 2:
Ryan Zimmerman $1 - 1 year
Nolan Arenado $51 - 2 years
Kris Bryant $48 - 2 years
Miguel Rojas $1 - 2 years
 Cory Spagenberg $1 - 2 years
Rafael Ortega $1 - 2 years
Freddy Peralta $10 - 2 years
Patrick Corban $3 - 1 year
Jake Arrieta $22 - 2 years
Joey Lucchesi $1 - 2 years
Chase Anderson $6 - 2 years
Sean Doolittle $16 - 2 years
Jack Flaherty $1 - 2 years
Mike Soroka $5 - 2 years
Jesse Winker $1 - 2 years
Hunter Greene RHP CIN
Some basic league info:
10 teams
$50 Entry via leaguesafe 
Prizing: 1st-$200 2nd-$150 3rd-$100 4th-$50
We use ESPN
Each team can keep up to 8 players per year.  The list above reflects the amount each player can be kept for and the years left they can be kept for (example Ianetta can only be kept this year, while Brinson could be kept this year and next)
6 DL spots, and max of 6 minor league spots.
We have a 2 round Minor League Draft each year (based of reverse standings of prior year) only players with no major league at bats or innings pitched are eligible for this draft.  These players can be kept in your minors year to year until they reach the major then their salary becomes $5 and they can be kept the 2 following years like any regular keeper.
5x5 League (OBP, R, HR, RBI, SB and ERA, WHIP, Wins, Saves and Strikeouts)
We use FAAB System for waivers each team starts the year with $100 in FAAB money.
Waivers process on Monday mornings.
Anyone Picked Up after September 1st via waivers cannot be kept the following season.
The Auction Draft date will be determined once the replacement owners are found likely the weekend of 3/23-3/24 depending on everyone's availability.
Each team starts the Auction Draft with $260 less the cost of their keepers.
League started in 2014.
If interested please email me at:

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