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ESPN $50 H2H League Safe Take Over - 6 Keeper Needed

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Have a long running league over ESPN, Head 2 Head, 10 teams. You keep 3 batters and 3 pitchers each year. Only one player from each team can be kept in the first 3 rounds. Payment is $50 and run over league safe. Draft is done as a slow draft posted on the league message boards. Pretty good league and the vacant team is solid and has the second overall pick in the next years draft. Please EMAIL me at and title ESPN KEEPER LEAGUE or text me @ 218-780-5622. Here are the options of players you can keep and the round they can be kept in. FA's are kept in the last available round: 

C Bellinger FA
O Albies Rd 10
N Arenado Rd 4
A Rosario FA
G Springer Rd 16
M Haniger Rd 17
J Soto FA 
M Cabrera FA
Y Puig Rd 10
D Gregorius Rd 12
C Carrasco Rd 8
C Kimbrel Rd 3
D Price Rd 5
W Buehler FA
T Cahill FA
J Chacin FA
M Boyd FA
J Leclerc FA
T Rogers FA
C Martinez Rd 2
K Maeda Rd 13
B Morrow Rd 11



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