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$150 - Starting a New 12 Team Slow Auction 5x5 League: OBP + QS + SVHD, H2H, LS

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I am looking for interest to start a new slow auction league on played on ESPN. Slow Auction will be hosted on Couch Managers and all funds will be collected with LeagueSafe (majority vote payout).
-The entry will be $150 and the payouts are as follows:
1st- 800
2nd- 500
3rd- 300
Regular season winner - 197 (3 dollar couch manager fee)
-Will be H2H with weekly roster locks (20 inning minimum IP limit)
-Weekly FAAB Acquisitions - Process weekly on Saturday mornings
-5x5 H2H Category scoring (win or lose each category): R, RBI, HR, SB, OBP -- QS, ERA, WHIP, K, SV+HLD
-Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, 5 OF, 2 UT, 9P, 5Bench, 3DL
-Playoffs: 6 teams make the playoffs and all match-ups are 2 weeks long
-Slow Auction on Couch Mangers: I was in a league that utilized this type of draft last year and it was an absolute blast. Each manager nominates 2-3 players at at time. The nominated players have an 8 hour clock before the winning bidder claims the player. Every time an new owner takes control of the high bid, the clock is reset to 8 hours. This type of draft takes 7-10 days to complete depending on how many players we allow to be nominated at one time. Think of it like an ebay auction for your fantasy players (except with an extending clock).
-Email me at if you are interested

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39 minutes ago, ROTOGUY said:

I’m interested

Excellent! Just sent your invite. 6 spots left

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Are you shutting the slow-auction clock off at certain times? (durning the night I get scared) haha

Send invite, please:  cgunit11@yahoo


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Invite sent! Typically, no we do not but we can pose that to the league to see if they would be interested. To correct my first post, the clock is actually 12 hours versus the 8 that I stated. This allows you to be able to check at some point of the day/night. Although, if you sleep more than 12 hours, it may be an issue hah! Hope to see you in the league. Down to 6 spots!

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