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Have you heard of Mendoza Leagues?

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These are not big money but they are the most realistic roto baseball format.  Your fee is your salary and cap is $200.00.  You get guys in an auction, you sign to contracts.  Players go thru arbitration in their 4th year.  You draft minor leaguers..deep.   each team has 15-25 minor league players.  You move guys from 25 to 40.  You DL guys, 15 or 60.  You trade, you sign free agents.  Stats are based on a sabermetric format that mimics the actual values of players.  

We have one opening in our Mendoza AL ONLY Doyle League.  It's a decent team with some really good prospects.  A great way to play, step into a team and build it.  But you better move soon.  Our auctions will take place in 2 weeks and minor league draft for 2019 will take place in early April.  email me if you want to view the team or claim it.

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