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3 active Managers needed for fun roto league

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Yahoo! Roto league with FAAB budgets for players on waivers.

I'm looking for three active managers to fill in my league. League has been going 3 years now. I've played with a few of the managers longer than that. I cut two non-active managers out. If all you do is draft and nothing else all year, don't apply!

Two years Experience is a must! If I don't see any history in your Yahoo! Fantasy profile, your team will be cut! If you can prove your experience another way that will work too.

Link to League Invite Here.

Free league

Non- Keeper

Mixed League

6x6 Rotisserie includes Walks for hitting and Walks and Holds for pitching (no WHIP)

30 man (semi deep) rosters + 3 DL slots

FAAB budgets for players on waivers:  THis is the most fair system for players on Waivers IMHO. No more missing out on getting a player who's on Waivers because you were at work during the day! Everyone can bid twice a week on Free Agents using their FAAB budget. Waivers are processed two days a week. Highest bid gets the player.

Draft is Saturday Mar 16 11:00am PDT (that's 2PM on the East Coast)


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