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UFL - 24 Team, Dynasty, IDP, Salaries, $100 - 5 Orphans (Dispersal Draft)

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Looking to fill the spots of 5 orphan teams in the UFL.
UFL is going into its 3rd year.

I set out to create not the most "realistic" league (due to limited technology and data from fantasy sites, creating a realistic league would be a ton of manual labor for commissioners), but the most "enjoyable" dynasty league that utilizes "simple" rules but delivers the exact experience you all are looking for in a dynasty league.

Our first year was a learning year with rules set, our second year was an adjustment to some of the rules, and thus we believe that from here on out, we've got the best set of rules for the diehard dynasty player for not just simplicity sake but for the experience and challenge.

Two commissioner set up with differing work schedules, makes approving transactions, league fixes/adjustments, and communication fast and easy.

We also have numerous ways to win a payout that may ease your next year's fee while keeping a big chunk of the pot going to the Ultimate Bowl winner.

If you're looking for a challenge, please consider as we are competitive and active.
All details are below, please send me a PM or an email to



ROD POOL OF PLAYERS (This is still being updated as we are waiting to hear from 3 owners):

- First owner to join will have the 1st *choice*
- Second owner will have the 2nd *choice*, so on and so forth

- First owner has the *choice* of either having the #1 pick in the ROD or their choice of which franchise to take over (division and respective draft picks)
- Whichever choice the first owner makes, he/she will have the last choice of the other category
- Second owner then gets the same choice, and so and so forth

Please keep in mind that the number of teams available may change as we wait to hear from 3 more owners.
We have not switched over to the 2019 site yet, we are waiting until we can fill the league so as to have new owners have all off season choices along with all other owners.

League payment is $100
I look forward to answering questions and hearing from interested owners.

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Bump. Needing 1 owner. A couple recruits bailed last minute. New owner would have 3rd pick in dispersal draft and their choice of three franchises. We are all ready and eager to go!

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