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I'm in one season long roto league, looking to branch out to another. Willing to play weekly head to head or other type. Willing to pay up to $50 buy in and don't mind taking over keeper team, depending on league format. 

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I have a new league starting up this year. The auction will be held on Yahoo (This Friday at 8pm), but the season will be played on Fantrax.


Here are the major settings for the league :
- Free league
- H2H points.
- 12 teams.
- Daily lineup changes.
- AL & NL player pool.
- 3 divisions.
- 5 team playoffs (Championship round ends the week before last week of the season, willing to extend regular season a week or championship round if majority votes for it).
- 3 match ups per week (4 at the end of the season).
- 25-man MLB roster with prospect minor league.
- Prospect draft.
- Auction for MLB players and non-snaking draft for prospects.
- Keeper league where you can keep or not keep any MLB or prospect player. If a MLB player is kept, a tax will be added to the players salary, prospects continue to stay in the minors.
- Just an explanation now, pitchers get 5 points for a win, -5 points for a loss, 5 points for a quality start and -5 points for a non-quality start. There is no category for non-quality start, so each pitcher that starts a game is charged -5 points and if they get a quality start, they get 10 points. If the pitcher does not get a quality start, they get -5 points (-5 for GS) and if they do get a quality start, they get 5 points (-5 for GS + 10 for QS = 5 points).


Let me know if you are interested. There is only one spot left.

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I have an opening in an existing keeper league if you are interested.  It's a free league, daily lineups.

12 team, H2H categories, standard 5x5 cats.  You keep between 4-8 players, no contracts.

Not a great team, but some potentially good keepers:

JD Martinez, Freeman, Castellanos, McCutcheon, Devers, Aroldis Chapman, Tanaka, Raisel Iglesias.

Draft is Saturday 3/16 @ 7:30.  Competitive league, but not hard core.

If you're interested leave your email and I'll send you an invitation.

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I have one slot available in a free custom ESPN head to head category league.  This is a great league with most team managers having played in it for ten to fifteen years.   A couple of guys have retired and we are expanding this season back to 12 teams from last year's 10.  Only a couple of managers knew each other before joining and the guys are scattered across the USA and range in age from 30's to 70's, some former coaches, just a great group with LOTS of message board talk all season long and no quitters.  Some of us meet at an Oakland A's game once a season as three of the managers are from northern California, one from Seattle, one from Arizona, one is in Chicago, one in NC, one in Texas, one from Ohio and one relocated to Guatemala.  One other new guy coming in.

We try to mimic real baseball with a July 31 trade deadline, all active roster slots must be kept filled every day, limit of 4 closers plus one more RP that can only be used as a starter, limits on weekly innings pitched of 50 min and 100 max.   We use OBP instead of BA.  All this stuff has been debated and added in over the years to minimize making this a system to be gamed and more like managing a real MLB team.

If you feel like this is for you, please let me know ASAP and I'll send an invitation.


Thanks, Richard G.      Might be best to email me directly at 

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Have an opening in our keeper roto league. $50 fee, but negotiable for this year because the team needs some work.

20 keepers from last year's roster. 10 round draft. 30 man roster.

5x5 roto league. Pay out the top four each season. (275/175/100/50)

10th year of the league, active owners.

If you're interested or have questions, hit me up here or email me direct

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I have a new dynasty league drafting Sunday if still looking, some details below:

1. standard 5x5 categories

2. year long roto (not points or head to head)

3. Dynasty (means you keep everyone except the ones you want to drop)

4. $20 entry through leaguesafe

5. maximum of 20 teams but want at least 15 (14 already in)

6. draft 2pm Eastern on 3/17 on Yahoo

7. more details under topic "Old School Roto - New Dynasty Forming"

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I have a 12 team league with four open spots, keep six players (plus two minor leaguers), H2H, 6x6 (OBP, OPS, SV+HLD, QS, K/9), $75 paid through FT treasurer.

We will be using a dispersal draft for all new teams, so new managers wouldn't have to take on old teams. if interested.

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I have a long running league that needs an owner for 5x5 redraft league. $80

League is on commish site.

Start: C, 1b, 2b, 3b, ss, mi, ci, 4of, 9p

$$$$ to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place as well as a surge prize for biggest increase from midway point to end of season.

Very active league!  Draft March 23 at noon central.

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New league forming on Fantrax.  Meant for the serious player


Rules page:

 Quick join link:


Keeper with unique contracts and scheduling.  $75  Feel free to email me with any questions at 

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