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Drop Sabonis for Brunson?

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Considering dropping Sabonis for Brunson. I am currently in 2nd, 1.5 games behind first in the last week of my regular season. I am guaranteed a 1st round by at this point.

I know Sabonis just came back from injury, but low minutes and my already laundry list of C eligible players is making me consider the move.

I currently do not have an obvious streaming spot, and my trade deadline has passed.

Punting FT% and 3's on most weeks.

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Brunson is good in the cats you're punting, so its not really a move that makes you better in everything else besides assists really. Sabonis is a FG% and rebounding anchor most of the time. Too valuable of a player to drop for a hot FA. Maybe wait and see if someone gets hurt during your bye week to drop or put them in IL. Robinson or White would be the closest thing to drops but that's not something I'd want to do. You could consider J. Allen because he has a bad PO schedule and may get more games out of someone else, but also a very contrarian move. Just pay close attention during your bye week for now 

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