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Who would you rather drop? WHIR

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Noah or Sabonis?

I have a bye this week. 10 team Yahoo standard H2H. 

Noah is playing better right now but has a 3 game week next week. Sabonis isn't playing up to par lately even when he wasn't injured but has a 4 game week coming up.

Also, is Bogdan droppable right now even if he has 4 game weeks  for the semis and finals week? He's playing like doo doo.

Team is in sig.


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Dealing with the same dilemma right now on Sabonis. Obviously letting today play out to see.

In a vacuum I'd probably just stick with the hot player and cross your fingers that it works out.

In regards to Bogdan, since you are in a 10Team league, I'd assume there should be a hot player on the wire? Sure he has a good PO schedule, but man that FG% on top of the low stocks just hurts. His minutes are right around 30, but we all know Fox / Hield are the ones with the ball down the stretch.

Are any of the following available? Brunson / Huerter / F. Jackson ?

Those 3 are playing much better than Bogdon at the moment, so I'd probably swap for one of these.


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Sabonis for me if I had to choose between him and Noah. 

But since you ask, I'd hold on to those two and drop Bogdanovic instead. He's hit a cold streak and I would want reliable players in the playoffs. 

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