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Who do I drop on this team?(Bagley)

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With Bagley due back not much to drop on my team.









C-Deandre Jordan




B-Jaylen Brown


B-Derick White


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You are probably looking at dropping 1 of the following:

Dunn / Smart /  Clarkson - So basically a guard.

Clarkson is your basic 3PTM / PTS kind of guy with not much else.

Smart has actually been playing really well. He's a cornerstone of your Steals and his AST's haven't been to shabby either.

Dunn isn't playing well, and is basically a worse version of Smart at this point. I personally think he would be your drop.

I trust Bagley to come back and play big minutes with the Kings still attempting to make the playoffs. And even if they completely fall out of the race, he should see the floor plenty just like before the injury.



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No-brainer to drop Clarkson and not look back. He has a high usage rate, but doesn't really contribute in AST/STL or BLK.

He is ranked around 150 the past two months, so no reason to hold on to him.

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I would drop any of Jaylen Brown, Clarkson, Dunn or Smart. Bagley will s--- on all of these guys, literally destroy them in stats next week with his 4 games. 

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