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How bad did I do? Always whir

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So it was one of those drafts where I feel like I had a plan, but then guys got picked earlier than I expected. Also, we use a board, so no help from yahoo telling me who I should pick next. Any ways, how bad does my team look? Weaknesses? Trade suggestion ideas to fix?

12 team 7 x 7 head to head category league. Every team keeps up to 2 players, 1 who was drafted after 4th & one who was a free agent after the draft.          bavg, 2bs, 3bs, hr, sb, rbi, r      &       w, ip, sv, k, era, whip, qs

1b- Abreu, 2b-Murphy, 3b-Donaldson, SS-Bregman C- Mejia

OF-Judge, Puig, MucCutchen,  UTL-F. Reyes    Bench- Bradley Jr., Odor, Laurano, K. Marte, Hedges

SP-Snell, Buehler, Darvish, Hill, Lucchesi, Eovaldi,      Rp-Osuna


So this is the first time i typed it out! Yikes. I look thin at SP and obviously only one RP for saves. Also, basically punted catcher after Realmuto/Sanchez went. Drop a bat and search for an upside arm? Make a trade? Any other thoughts? Always WHIR with a link.



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I like your team a lot. Need to be active on chasing closer throughout the season but you have a lot of power AB. Judge, Abreu and Donaldson for example. Steals also could be improved upon but besides that pretty strong lineup and good rotation. 

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Pitchings a little thin, but if your active throught the year on waivers you can def improve it.Catcher is a wildcard but i like the rest of your team.


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