Looking for a league drafting soon, ESPN, Roto or H2H Cat, Cheap Buy In

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Hoping to draft tonight or tomorrow evening is best anytime between 5-12 eastern time, 


Cheap Buy In (League Safe Only), $10-40 max preferably around $20

Standard to deep roster size, but nothing crazy

12+ teams

relatively standard categories nothing more then 7x7.  I'm ok with more sabermetricies stuff, just nothing toooo wild



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contact email
20 Team H2H 5 Divisions

categories Hits/Runs/Sb/Walks/Homeruns/Rbi   Pitching ER/W/SV/HOLDS/K/QS

Draft is Wednesday March 27.8pm
Most Free Agents Available  4 keepers dynasty Free Agent List here
Entry Fee is $22

Lineup Changes
Daily - Lock individually at Scheduled Gametime
Player Acquisition System
Matchup Acquisition Limit 4
4 per matchup (for all matchups)
Waiver Process Days and Time
Tuesday, Friday, Sunday @ 11 PM ET
Player Acquisition Budget 1000

 note teams maybe taken so please have a second choice  UPDATED AVAILABLE TEAMS BELOW

********************************************************************************************** (team random) knightz) perms) plague) york el tolete)

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