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If you'd like to join an awesome fantasy basketball league then I have the league for you.

I run a fantasy basketball league out of NYC with a live auction. My guys love it and honestly I never have any turnover so I never have an opening in that league

However, I am putting together an online league this year. The online auction is already set for Monday, October 21st 8pm EST. I might adjust if we get some West Coast love to say 8:30pm or 9pm. Basketball auction redraft leagues are fairly quick. Should be done in 3 hours.

The league fee is $1000. 17 teams is the goal. 

$200 to buy 13 players. 

3 Guards

3 Forwards

3 Utilities

1 Center

3 reserves. 

If you love fantasy basketball, come join us. 

I have a million references of current and former players who will tell you how much they enjoy the leagues I run.

If you're a middle aged man I think you'll really enjoy yourself. 

We have a bunch of owners from the NYC tri-state area

And a college buddy of mine who lives in Scottsdale Arizona

Here's my email for more details, edbuzz261@gmail.com

or my cell number 718 687 3251


Manhattan College Alumnus

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Which platform are you using?  (yahoo, espn, fantrax)

Roto or H2H?  Based on the posted positions, I'm guessing roto....

Do you use LeagueSafe?

Why 17 teams?  I have never seen an odd number of teams.

How many have already joined?


I'm posting here instead of PM'ing you bc I think the information is relevant for all. 

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