Dynasty Keeper - Boogie or Blake?

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Who would you keep Boogie or Blake in a long term keeper?


Boogie may not get max money, but he'll get something like 4/100M in New York or Brooklyn, maybe LA.

Blake is roped to Detroit for a couple more years. 

Who would you hitch your horse to for the long haul?


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Late response, forum is pretty dead with the season a day from being over.

Both players have their flaws. I'm a Sac Kings fan and on a personal level dislike Boogie. Fantasy wise it's like having a Westbrook labeled as a center. Dude will get you 24/12/4/1/1 - 1/2 3PTM and not good/not bad %'s and TO's when he is the main man on a team. (Bad considering he is a Center.)

Blake has those crazy hot streaks, 4-5 3PTM, scoring machine. His rebounds can vary having Drummond on his team and his assists are great for being out of position. He lacks stocks which is super annoying, but he seems to be a bit more consistent than Cousins.

I think the homerun keeper is Cousins and the safe pick is Blake. Funny enough it may not seem like it but Cousins (28) is 2 years younger than Blake (30), so you may want to factor that in depending on how long you intend on staying in your league.

Even with the small sample size, Cousins (on a team with 4 other Stars) is averaging 48%/75% with 16/8/4/1/2 with 2.5 TO's per game. His injury seems to be behind him (crossing fingers), so going to a team that is starved for a star would only help his fantasy outlook. (Some bad team is going to overpay is my guess)

Be warned though he is almost guaranteed to be suspended games down the stretch as he always seems to rack up 16+ technical fouls each year.

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