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My name is Dustin Webster and I run a $20 a year H2H 24 team true keeper league that’s in its 2nd year. You can keep as many players as you want from year to year and also trade draft picks. I set it up to be close to the NBA rosters as I can.  You start 1 PG 1 SG 1 SF 1 PF 1 C and 10 BN. Top two teams get paid. Both of these teams we not taken care of but both should have top picks in the lotto. If you have any question or want a team email me OR


Team Carverbaby finished 21st place


Pos        Player   Team

PG         Lowry, Kyle        TOR

SG         Batum, Nicolas  CHA

SF          James, LeBron   LAL

PF          Horford, Al         BOS

C           Kanter, Enes      POR

PG         Augustin, D.J.     ORL

PG         Mack, Shelvin    CHA

PG         Mills, Patty        SA

PG         Teodosic, Milos LAC

SG         Miles, C.J.           MEM

SF          Gay, Rudy          SA

SF          Tolliver, Anthony MIN

SF          Warren, T.J.       PHO

PF          Gibson, Taj         MIN

C           Jones, Damian   GS



The Conglomerate finished 17th place


Pos        Player   Team

PG         Conley, Mike     MEM

SG         McCollum, CJ     POR

SF          Barton, Will       DEN

PF          Ibaka, Serge       TOR

C           Ayton, Deandre PHO

PG         Mason III, Frank SAC

PG         Smith, Ish           DET

SG         Ennis III, James  PHI

SG         Gordon, Eric      HOU

SG         Lamb, Jeremy    CHA

SG         Moore, E'Twaun NO

SF          Carroll, DeMarre BKN

PF          Booker, Trevor  (N/A)

PF          Kaminsky, Frank CHA

C           Pachulia, Zaza    DET

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