Paxton/Hicks for Sale ? And other package deal

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I send out trades often to owners in my league and get a lot of counter offers. Was sending multiple for Musgrove in a deal packaged with Marte and got rejected, then another I sent was accepted. The other I sent for Sale got accepted this morning. Was at a bar when I sent both of the proposals and don’t even remember sending these last ones but I feel good about both of them.

This is a 12 team Dynasty League. 6x6. Thoughts on how I did?


the first one I got:

Chris Sale

he got:

James Paxton

Aaron Hicks


with a different owner I got:

Joe Musgrove

Garrett Hamson

he got:

Odubal Herrera

Hunter Renfroe


my pitching staff is already loaded from good draft picks and trades I’ve made, but I already have Bauer & Thor.. so adding Sale to a rotation with those 2 can be lethal once he finds his form. I also have Chris Paddock, Chris Archer, Musgrove, Caleb Smith, Freddy Peralta. Then relievers: Alvarado, Dominguez, Iglesias, Brasier

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