All-Play (weekly roto) 7x7 1 win - Halfway There League

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🏅Champions League🏅




** We refuse to fold!  We have a good core group that really want to give this format a run.  One of the members created a group me and the league is already pretty active....even without playin ball.  Half-season league is the new goal.  Are you looking for one final league to join, or would like a fresh start to this year?  Check us out! **


We are trying something a little different this season. This format seeks to up the competitiveness while also increasing owner retention.  This is a first year keeper league

A roto (weekly all-play) regular season with H2H playoffs. The top half of the league will make the playoffs, top 4 teams will be paid out.  Cash prize to division winners.  Another new concept is how we will group into divisions in year 2 and beyond.  I adopted a Champions League approach here.  The top teams (playoff teams from previous year) will form one division while the weaker teams form the other.  Intra-division scheduling will allow teams to face their peers.  The weaker division will get fewer playoff spots due to the weaker competition, however they will still be playing for divisional money and 3 playoff spots.  The hope is that this will keep all teams involved.  The top 8 will obviously be going for it, they have 5 playoff spots and divisional money to play for.  So that gets us to 11 teams going for it already without counting teams on the fringe in the lower division.  The goal is to return 16 teams next year and actually have a true keeper league


Some quick stats



$75 Entry Fee ($150 to join / First & Last)    -- *This is the first feature designed to keep the league together, a final season deposit 

     **We use Fantrax Treasurer for all things money


Auction Draft

    *Saturday May 25th @ 1:00 pm pdt

    *$350 Draft Budget

    *1 draft all players, MLB & MiLB


16 Teams 

     *Two 8 team divisions will send their top teams to the playoffs


Intra-division schedule - Balanced schedule  --*This is the second feature designed to keep the league together, the weaker teams will have $$ & playoff spots to play for


Division winners receive cash prizes.  Up to $100 (paid out from the fee pot)


7x7 1 Win -- (walks / strikeouts) & (total bases including BB & IBB) are the two extra hitting cats -- (innings) & (irs + holds) are the two extra pitching cats

     * Each week your team will record a win, loss, or tie against each divisional opponent.  Resulting in something like 4-2-1 for the week 


All-Play regular season (21 periods) with H2H playoffs (3 periods)

   *Your team will face all divisional opponents (7 teams) each week.  With individual results against each team, W-L-T.  This is our weekly roto setting                                                                   **some imagination may be required to see this as roto, but it's as close as I could get on any of the platforms


4 week 8 team playoff with a *2 week finals period --*This is the third feature designed to keep the league together, more playoff teams means more teams playing to win all year

    *Consolation matches with prize money (Top 4 teams paid out)


Overall points system with an overall league champion awarded $1000!!!  --*This is the fourth feature designed to keep the league together, 10 years of accumulating points will even things out year-to-year.  If your team is out of this year, start building for next year

  *Top 6 playoff teams will earn points towards overall prize


Keepers w/ contracts (1-4 years)

    *must keep at least 8, max is 25    


:blink:This league is not set up to keep your first roster in perpetuity.  Keepers get raises here, shrewd roster management will be key...not just a good draft.  Players wanted!!🤩


40 man rosters     

    20 Active

    10 Minors Slots

     8 Reserves

     2 IR (in-season only)


Daily Blind Bid Auctions for Free Agency ($125)


Advanced Settings -- Set your roster in advance for weeks or grind it out daily -- You determine the amount of effort needed daily, weekly, monthly

    *Multi-Team Trades -- Have you ever seen a site offer this??

    *Full Use of Minors -- You can pay more $$ into the pot and use your minors any way you see fit!  Stash busts, hoard prospects, extend your bench.... Your choice! 


We Play With Fees **Bigger Payouts!** -- The league this one was modeled after had a first place payout of $699!  and that was with a 14 team league



👉Rules Page:

👉Quick join link:



If you have any questions or would like an invite, please email me at or respond to this posting


Thanks for looking!

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