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Pick one keeper: Hill, AB, Mahomes

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10 team, standard league, 3 keepers

QB x 1
WR x 3
RB x 2
TE x 1
W/R/T x 2
K x 1
DST x 1
BN x 7

Current planning on keeping Davante Adams and James Conner. Definitely going to need to see how the Hill situation plays out, but based on his current state who would you keep between:

Antonio Brown
Patrick Mahomes
Tyreek Hill

Other factors:
I have the 1st and 9th overall picks. Best players expected to be available include:

1. CMC/Bell/M.Gordon/Mixon (1 of these)
2. Chubb/Ertz (1 of these)
3. D.Cook/Evans (1 of these)
4. Kittle/AJG (1 of these)
5. AB/Mahomes/Michel/Hill (3 of these)
6. AB/Mahomes/Michel/Hill (3 of these)
7. AB/Mahomes/Michel/Hill (3 of these)
8. K.Allen/A.Jones (1 of these)
9. Golladay
10. Woods
11. K.Johnson
12. Carson
13. D.Williams
14. P.Lindsay
15. M.Ingram

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Posted (edited)

Currently leaning towards keeping AB, drafting one of the elite RB, then targeting Mahomes with the 9th. If that plays out, I'd start off with:

QB - Mahomes
WR - Adams
WR - ___
RB - CMC/Bell/M.Gordon/Mixon
RB - Conner
TE - ___
W/R/T - ___
W/R/T - ___

Which I think is a good starting spot. However, I am also considering keeping Mahomes just in case he's picked up a bit early. Also really no idea how an aging AB will do in a rather weak Oakland offense. If I keep Mahomes, there's still a decent chance one of AB or K. Allen is available at 9, and if not one of Golladay or Woods could also be a possibility.

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Mahomes for keeper, and McCaffery for the RB


Avoid Hill he's on his way to be kicked out of the NFL forever. 

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