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Unique, 56 team, 4 conference redraft - 4 games in 1, Survivor and Relegation ($25)

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Simple, fun, redraft league with 4 games in 1 to keep everyone interested all season.

We have four 14-team conferences, and need about 8 more owners. This is the 4th year of this league.

Here are the 4 different games:

  1. Regular league play: You draft a team in a 14 team league, play everyone in that league, have playoffs, etc, just like a regular fantasy league (top 6 make playoffs)

  2. Survivor: All 56 teams compete. We eliminate the 3-4 lowest scoring teams each week until there's only one left crowned Survivor Series champ

  3. Relegation: Teams move up or down to better or worse conferences each season based on total points. (teams in the better conferences actually get to draft more players)

  4. Big a** Bracket: A 56 team tournament starting in week 11. It's a handicap tourney, so the worst teams actually get points added to their score, so that literally any team can win (the 50th seed won last season)

Best ball scoring, PPR, NO trades - mostly plays like a draft and hold league but with pickups. Minimal effort, but fun and interesting.

I've created a page that explains everything. Go here to check it out if interested:

Hit me up if interested, the first of the 4 long slow email drafts starts in early July, but I like to fill early.

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1 hour ago, wildtsunami said:

would like more info please


Most of the stuff is explained on the link provided. But I'm happy to answer any other questions.

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1 hour ago, irishcowboy55 said:

When would draft be. Would this be a slow draft


Yes, long, slow email drafts. They start in the middle of July. The first one is July 13th, and that would be the one for any new owners. We set it for 12 hours per pick.

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Posted (edited)

Love the slow draft and multiple games.. what are the payouts? Dues are due by? Looking to reserve .. omgbearclaw at gmail

Edited by tbc

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