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RN BSN College Football was established in 2019. The league is a up to a 77 or 78 team league. It consists of 75 roster spots. Roster spots are for Offense, IDP, Punters and Kickers. We are required to always have 25 players from our schools on our rosters, with the balance of 50 spots for any player providing that player is not represented by a team in the league.  Currently we are forecasting to play with all Power 5 conferences plus the Mountain West.   Should we not get enough enough interest in the Mountain West then we will remove it.   

This is  a money league.  As such you may own one team per conference at a cost of $25 per team plus the cost of the team.   All money is paid directly to Fantrax and all prize money is paid out by fantrax.

Custom schedules as well as a 4 team playoff and bowl games.

All teams must carry a min of 25 of your teams players on your roster at all times.   Each year transactions, (Recruiting) will open the 3rd Monday in the month of July. Each team is given 25 transactions for the year and a budget of 1850. You can only make no more than 5 claims per week.  Each conference has its own player database.

While we play on Fantrax and do all the body of work on fantrax we have some added extra to get the coaches involved in our brand and additional NCAA leagues. We have a private board, Horiizon -, On this board you can literally have a NCAA playground including seasonal games. We have a facebook page and we have twitter. We have seasoned coaches that get along and work together for stronger leagues. 

To view league rules and settings you may do so directly on the Fantrax League Football site -

If you currently do not have a Fantrax ID you can view the rules, settings & Scoring -

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