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Acuna Trade Help

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12 team H2H Keeper(only keep two players per year)

Give: G Sanchez, Benintendi, and next years 2nd and 4th Rd pick.

Get: Acuna


my team:

C- Sanchez

1B: Bellinger

2nd: Dozior

3rd: Arenado

SS: Turner

2B/SS: Mondesi

1B/3B: Suarez

OF: Myers, Meadows, Benintendi, Pence, Hernandez


IR: N Cruz



Sp: Bumgardner, Ray, Sale, Maeda, Beiber, Terehan, 

RP: Kolarek, Jimenez, Allen

IL: Glasgow, Morgan


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keep 2 makes it hard. cause right now you keeping arenado/bellinger.

if you can flip off bellinger for players that can help you this year go for it.


otherwise if you just going to lose one of the 3 acuna/arenado/bellinger cause you can only keep 2 . keep what u have contend this year.



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It's a fine offer, but I don't think it's a good fit for your team. As noted above, Acuna might not even be a keeper with Turner/Arenado/Bellinger already on your team. And with Turner and Mondesi, you don't benefit from Acuna's speed. And finally, you would presumably have to pick up a FA catcher to replace Sanchez.


Difficult No for me. Instead, I would look to trade one of your big hitters for an elite SP and a second-tier hitter. Something like Bellinger for Scherzer and Hoskins would be a better fit for your team.

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Keep Sanchez side and move Sale for Acuna straight up in a new deal. 

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