Franchise Tag - Duke or Tate?

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24 team dynasty non ppr $85m cap, start 2 WR, 1 RB, 1 FLEX, 35 man roster, IDP

I have 1 Franchise Tag - Get player and Real Life Contract

I have 2 Restricted FA tags - Whole league gets to bid on player and you decide of you want to match or take comp pick.

I really do not think Duke is going to be of any use to me unless he gets traded but gotta love the contract and if he did get traded then who knows, that is nothing but hope though and this league is non ppr. Hope also comes in Manning being able throw Tate enough targets to make him worth it. Tate does take lot of short passes also and I do not see Manning airing it out too much.  Though Tate is 31 and I would need that contract to be worth it when he is 35 which might be pushing it, however it is a pretty team friendly contract with an $85m cap.

My RB are Fournette, Crowell and Duke, so really nothing behind Leo.

My WR are JuJu and the rest are all FA this year. Tate, Hogan, and Bourne.

Right now I am thinking I need to Franchise Tag Tate, and then Restrict Tag Duke and Hogan. Who knows how a player will fair in RFA. Duke and Hogan should get good contracts but then there are always the owners who get a wild hair in their a**.

Anyway those are my options and the RLC are below, thanks for any and all opinions. We also start 

Tate is 19:$1.9m, 20:$7.9m, 21:$8.4m, 22:$5.9m

Duke is 19:$1.8, 20:$3.6, 21:$4.6m

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Posted (edited)

Holy smokes. 24x35?? Even with IDP that means every skill player on every team is worth something, and even practice squads are relevant I guess? 

Under "normal" circumstances I wouldn't want to waste franchise tags on Duke and Hogan (I just threw up a bit in my mouth) but in your case, yes, that makes sense.

I'm sorry, this is probably not much use to you but I'm still reeling from the thought of 840 players rostered.

Edit: Tate is the scary one. I don't think this will be a great season between Eli "noodle arm" Manning and Daniel "poor man's Eli" Jones, but as you say, he'll pick up his share of passes (too bad you don't play PPR). Out of these three he is also clearly the best though, so he needs the full Franchise tag I guess.

Good luck man!

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Duke for sure there are plenty of WR's in the league. 

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